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Soul Bird Salvation is the ninth episode of Power Rangers Wild Force. It concludes the storyline that began in the previous two episodes with the birth of the new Soul Bird.


A wandering General Org called Retinax battles the Rangers to prove his worth and make up for failing to protect Master Org during the battle 3,000 years ago, in which he was previously destroyed. With Freezer Org's help, the Zords are frozen and the Rangers are rendered powerless. The Soul Bird hatches, restores the Zords and powers, and helps the Rangers defeat Retinax. As the General Org lies injured, Master Org approaches. However, Retinax fails to recognize him. As a result, Master Org quickly destroys the General to keep him silent.


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  • Due to taking footage directly from Super Sentai counterpart, Japanese writing could be seen on the construction area signs.
  • When forming the Wild Force Megazord, the Bison and Eagle Wildzords were shown emerging from the Animarium despite them already being on Earth as part of the Kongazord.

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