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The Soul Bird(s) were zords in Power Rangers: Wild Force. It can merge with other zords which boosts its power. While merged, it can also heal the Zords.

The rangers first sought out the Soul Bird when the Red Lion Wildzord became overwhelmed with the power of the Black Bear Wildzord and the Polar Bear Wildzord. The Red Ranger was able to find the Soul Bird's hiding place but Master Org scared it away during their fight. Master Org states to the Red Ranger that the Soul Bird is never seen twice. The Soul Bird, however, leaves a parting gift to the Red Ranger, an egg. Soul Searching

The egg itself emanates a sound that revives the frozen arsenal of the Rangers following after they were frozen by Freezer Org's suicide move. It even helped to repel Jindrax, Toxica, and Retinax. Soul Bird Salvation

When it finally hatched, it was revealed to be somewhat different from its mother, appearing as a capsule, with mostly a head-type design. It's abilities, however were not affected. By merging with the Wild Force Megazord, it was able to heal the Red Lion Wildzord. With the addition of the Soul Bird, the Rangers gained a new cockpit for whatever Megazord they used it with. It also introduced a new finishing move called Soul Bird Cannon where an energy blast fired from the mouth of the Soul Bird that came from the mouths of all the Zords forming the Megazord took the place of the Wild Force Megazord's Mega Roar.

It was destroyed alongside the Kongazord Striker Mode during its final battle with Master Org. It is unknown if it was revived with the other Wild Zords for the Ultra Roar.


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