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Sonimax was a Catoblepass Themed Phantom Beast Warrior who holds the spirit of Boar and is the master of sound based attacks. He is the first of Phantom Beasts that Power Rangers encountered. He serves as the supporting antagonist of the episodes "Fear and the Phantoms", "One Last Second Chance", "To Earn Your Stripes" and "Now the Final Fury".


Sonimax was the member of Phantom Beast Warriors. He used the style of Catoblepass (mythical half man half boar) and was the master of sound based attacks. Sonimax fought in the first Beast War and battled against Dai Shi Clan and Pai Zhuq academy and was destroyed along with his allies. However, the Crystal Eyes were left behind and holded the power to resurrect them. In twenty third episode Jellica used the Crystal Eyes and ressurected them and ordered her them to help her destroy Dai Shi. However Scorch, Snapper and Whiger betrayed her and destroyed and then joined Dai Shi. Sonimax and other Phantom Beast Warriors were summoned by Scorch. Sonimax and other warriors promised to serve Dai Shi. Then Sonimax was sent by Scorch and Snapper to attack Ocean Bluff. Sonimax attacked the city and encountered the Jungle Fury Rangers. He fought Casey, Theo, Dominic and RJ. He was winning. Then Lily arrived after her defeat at the hands of Snapper. Together the rangers defeated him. Then Sonimax enlarged. Power Rangers formed Jungle Master Megazord combined with Elephant Power. Sonimax was nearly defeated, but Snapper appeared and disabled Megazords with his gravity attack. Sonimax left.

In twenty fifth episode Camille approached Sonimax, Lepus and Osiris and asked them to give her some of them Rinzin Power. They thought she was joking and declined her offer.

In thirtieth episode Scorch and Snapper sent Sonimax, Lepus and Osiris to destroy Camille, as they decided she is the last tie in Jarrod's humanity and must be eliminated for Dai Shi's sake. They attacked and overwhelmed her, but Jarrod arrived, who temporarily took control over his body, and destroyed Sonimax and Osiris, saving Camille. Lepus escaped.

In the final battle Sonimax was revived by Dai Shi, but was finally destroyed by Jungle Fury Elephant Ranger.


Sonimax was brutal, destructive and arrogant Phantom Beast Warrior, who won't stop at his mission to destroy the Power Rangers. But he is loyal to Dai Shi, Scorch, Snapper and Whiger.

Powers And Abilities

Rinzin Power

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Skilled Fighter
  • Sound Attacks
  • Enlarging


  • Fists

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