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―Sonimax's Roll Call[src]

Sonimax was a Catoblepass-motif Phantom Beast Warrior who held the spirit of the Boar and master of sound-based attacks. He fought Casey, Theo, Dominic, and RJ and was overwhelming them. Lily then joined the battle after her defeat at the hands of Snapper. He was taken down by a group attack. He then grew and the Jungle Master Megazord, Wolf Pride Megazord, and Rhino Pride Megazord were formed. Sonimax was too tough for the Megazords until Lily summoned the Elephant Zord to attack. Unfortunately, Snapper joined the battle, took down and blast off the Megazords with Rinzin power. Sonimax flees with Snapper and Camille smile.

Camille approached Sonimax, Lepus, and Osirus in hopes they can give her some of their Rinzin power, but they thought she was joking and declined her offer.

Scorch and Snapper dispatched him, Osiris, and Lepus to eliminate Camille when they decided she was the last tie to Jarrod's humanity that must be removed for Dai Shi's sake. They overwhelmed her until Jarrod/Dai Shi arrived. He and Osirus were destroyed in combat by Jarrod, after which Lepus fled. He was revived by Dai Shi for the final beast war in Now the Final Fury. He was destroyed by the Jungle Fury Elephant Ranger.

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