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For the Super Samurai episode with the same title, see Something Fishy (Super Samurai).

Something Fishy is the forty-third episode of the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


Billy must overcome his fear of fish to save his friends from Rita's new Goo Fish monster. With Jason, Zack, and Trini scuba-diving, can Billy and Kimberly hold their own against this extremely powerful threat?


Jason, Zack, and Trini are planning to go scuba diving. They invite Billy to come, but he declines, stating he has been uncomfortable with aquatic life since he was a child. Kimberly also refuses to go scuba diving as it would mess up her hairdo. She decided to have a picnic with Billy instead. Rita overhears Billy's fears through her telescope and decides to send down an aquatic monster in order to frighten him into submission.

While having their picnic in the park, Billy relates to Kimberly that when he was a boy, he was attempted to create a whirlpool in the lake. His finger in the water caught the eye of a nearby fish which bit his finger. Since then, Billy has been afraid of marine life. Kimberly finds the story amusing. The two hear a scream and run over to take a look.

The screaming was from Bulk and Skull. They were fishing in the lake, but all they have caught was a bunch of garbage, including a "No Fishing" sign. Kimberly and Billy walk away. Then they are ambushed by Putties. After fending them off, they are called to the Command Center.

Zordon informs them of Rita's new monster, the Goo Fish. Alpha 5 is unable to contact Jason, Zack, and Trini due to them being underwater. Kimberly and Billy then morph and head to the monster's location. On the moon, at Goldar's suggestion, Rita casts a spell on Billy to make his fear of fish unbearable. Billy then cowers in fear at the sight of the monster. Only the Red, Black, and Yellow Rangers' timely arrival forces the Goo Fish to temporarily withdraw.

Back at the Command Center, Zordon informs Billy that the only way to break Rita's spell is to overcome his fear of fish. The team then morphs and faces Goo Fish, along with a group of Putties. The monster sprays a blue substance which immobilizes the Rangers except Billy, who succeeds in overcoming his fear of fish, thereby breaking Rita's spell. He then attacks Goo Fish with his Power Lance, freeing the Rangers.

Rita makes her monster grow with her wand, prompting the Rangers to summon the Megazord. The Goo Fish then shoots his toxic spray at the Megazord, which immobilizes it and he blasts it to the ground. Zack suggests converting the goo to energy. His idea works. The Megazord then destroys the monster with its Power Sword.

At the Youth Center, Billy and Ernie return from a fishing trip. Jason repeats his scuba invitation to Billy, who happily accepts. Ernie offers to cook up what he and Billy caught. Bulk and Skull then enter, claiming they caught something really big. In reality, it's just a large can of tuna. Bulk then takes a look inside Billy's bag, which contains a a live lobster, who pinches Bulk's nose.



  • This is the first episode to make use of Zyu2 footage.
  • The episode title is used again for the 4th episode of Power Rangers Super Samurai. Like with Billy, Antonio Garcia also had to get over his fear of fish.
    • Unlike Billy, Antonio's fear was brought on by a more recent event.
  • An instrumental version of the song "Fight" is heard during the Megazord's battle with the Goo Fish.
  • Footage of Jason, Zack, and Trini coming out of the beach in scuba gear, only to hear their communicators beeping, would be used again in Zedd Waves.
  • The Power Rangers will go scuba diving again in "A Reel Fish Story", though Tommy, Kimberly and Adam do it instead of Jason, Zack and Trini.
    • Also in "A Reel Fish Story", Billy references his experience in being in the water as a kid, admitting to Rocky and Aisha that "there was a time when [he] wouldn't go swimming."


  • When the Rangers were watching Goo Fish attacking Angel Grove on the Viewing Globe, it instead showed the monster being hit with his own venom (which was footage from later in the episode).
  • Literally the second line of the episode was Jason saying “Oh, wait until you guys see the reef. You’re not gonna believe it.” Reefs don't occur anywhere near California since it's too cold for them to occur thanks to the North Atlantic Current. In actuality, they'd have to travel 900 miles out to see to reach the nearest.
  • During Kimberly and Billy's Putty fight, it cuts from Kimberly kicking a Putty down alone to her and Billy alone kicking down the final Putty.
    • Also, one of the previous shot showed four Putties (not counting the one Kimberly took down) and they were all defeated in less than ten seconds apparently.
  • Kimberly automatically assumed that they needed help from the others just by looking at the Goo Fish's ugly mug.
  • Rita didn't understand why the Goo Fish hadn't killed Billy and Kimberly despite the fact that he had literally just appeared on the battlefield.
  • Kimberly said that she and Billy would fight the Putties while the other three would fight the monster, however all five went after the Putties first.
  • The Rangers were holding their weapons just before Goo Fish grew, but were then holding the Blade Blasters when summoning the Zords.
  • The Megazord's finisher shows it slashing vertically from top to bottom, but the shot on the monster is done as if it were from the bottom up.
  • Billy says that he and Kim will be having a picnic away from any fish. Yet when the viewers see them having their picnic, they’re sat right next to the lake, which, no doubt, contains fish.
  • Jason, Trini and Zack morph in their scuba gear, but arrive at the Command Center in their regular clothes.
  • The live lobster that pinched Bulk’s nose was red even though lobsters can only be red when they’re cooked.
  • When jumping around the Goo Fish after the monster fired his poisonous goo, Billy jumps about five times in mid-air and flips in mid-air without anything to propel himself off of.
  • Trini asks what the Goo Fish is doing whilst staring at the Goo Fish spraying his venom and having already had it explained to her.
  • The Pterodactyl leaves its volcano when the other Zords are summoned but is clearly shown leaving it again after Kimberly finishes the Zord roll call.
    • Additionally, the literal next shot then had it with the Zords despite apparently just having left its hiding place.


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