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"Oh no! Come on, Zayto! I need you. "
―Solon's words after opening the secret room containing Zayto, and finding Void Knight there waiting for her.[src]

"Firstly, I'm a dinosaur, not a lizard, and secondly: "old"!? Ouch!"
―Solon to the Void Knight after getting zapped.[src]

"They have Morphers! I haven't seen that since..."
―Solon upon seeing Ollie Akana and Amelia Jones with Dino Fury Morphers.[src]

Solon is a cyborg Solonosaurus who is a close friend of Zayto and Aiyon, as well as the mentor of the modern Dino Fury Rangers.



Solon's past is currently unknown, but at some point she met Zayto, Aiyon and the Knights of Rafkon. She fought alongside Zayto, Aiyon and the newly created Ancient Dino Fury Rangers 65 million years ago on Earth. However, when the rest of ancient Rangers died in battle, Aiyon got split from both Zayto and Solon, with the latter was badly wounded in battle, and rendered her no longer combat ready. Although she watched over Zayto (now in stasis) and the captured Sporix Beasts for millions of years. It's possible she started out as an organic being, but was cybernetically enhanced when she was wounded in battle.



Void Knight attacked Dinohenge, blasted Solon, and stole the Power Key that controls the Hengemen. Solon was less than happy when Void Knight called her old and introduced himself but she reacted quickly enough to unleash Zayto in an instant. However, Void Knight used his lightning to destroy the console and demanded the energy source at the point of a sword. When Solon just bumbled, Void Knight tried to execute her but Ollie Akana (who had gotten into the base and grabbed a Chromafury Saber from a shelf) blocked it to the villain's immense surprise and was then netted up by Amelia Jones' Spook Snare before getting electrocuted by it. With Void Knight down but far from out, Solon threw them the power source (called the Dino Fury Key) which allowed them to control the guardians of the base called the Hengemen to fight Void Knight but the Knight got free and took it for himself instead. Recruiting the Hengemen as his own footsoldiers, he had them fight the three and both Amelia and Ollie took a beating. They were cornered until the Sabers equipped them with the Dino Fury Morphers. Solon was astounded and equipped them with their Dino Fury Keys and they used them to transform much to her glee. Later on, she was finally able to awaken Zayto and the three Rangers triumphed in battle. Although they were able to force Void Knight to escape, the Sporix were accidentally unleashed onto Pine Ridge. The group then introduced each other and Zayto explained the story of his past before deciding to start Ollie and Amelia's training. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Destination Dinohenge

Solon spoke to the team telling them that she managed to locate the T-Rex Champion Zord, later she spoke to the team talking about Mucus and seeing how Ollie was learning how to work as a team. After the destruction of Shockhorn, Solon then congratulate the team for saving the day.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Sporix Unleashed

Solon receives a message on the commlink from another galaxy quadrant, but it does not have the exact coordinates but it is in the same galaxy as Rafkon and they believe that it could be a message from one of the inhabitants of Rafkon. Solon activates the message but the modulator breaks down and They couldn't hear it. Amelia asks Solon if they can get another modulator and Solon said modulators are only found in Rafkon and finding one on earth would be impossible. Solon tells the Rangers that she got an alert from the Hotline saying that a Sporix Beast has hatched and is attacking, so the Rangers go to the rescue.

Solon watches television where she sees Vypeera's video, which hypnotizes anyone who watches them. Solon observes the video as Zayto also falls into hypnosis. She then turns off the television, returning Zayto to normal. Solon reveals to Zayto that Vypeera's video is being broadcast on the channel around the whole city and mentions that it does not affect her because she has cyborg eyes. She then discovers that the crystal that composes the necklace Zayto's mother gave to him is the same as the modulator and she could work to figure out what the message is and turn the power back on. As he examines the Commlink, Zayto remembers his mother's words and comes up with a plan to stop Vypeera. He manages to stop the video and everyone returns to normal. Solon calls Amelia and Ollie and fills them in on what is happening. She later activates the Ankylo Hammer and Tricera Blade Zords to help the Rangers in the fight against Vypeera, allowing them to form their Megazord. After the Rangers collected Vypeera's Sporix Cell, Solon manages to use the crystal from Zayto's necklace and the Commlink worked, allowing them to hear the message but it was a language they did not understand and they hoped it could be from someone from Rafkon. Zayto decided to reply to the message.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Lost Signal

Solon informs Ollie that there are Sporix Beasts attacking the museum. Solon welcomes the two new Rangers Izzy and Javi and asks if they want something to eat before mentioning that she is half dinosaur and half cyborg and revealing that Zayto is from the planet Rafkon and one of the Knights of Rafkon.Tvicon.png TV STORY-New Recruits

Solon informed the Rangers that she managed to track down the lost Zords in the Greenly Woods, which is the same place where the Orb with Javi and Izzy's Dino Fury Keys inside were found. She mentions that with some supplies, she could build something to find the Zords no matter how buried they are. Solon later calls the Rangers to tell them that Brineblast has gone giant.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Winning Attitude

Zayto contacted Solon and tells her that Amelia needs a new Morpher when she lost her old one to Mucus. She tells him that she'll work on a new one for Amelia. Zayto and Amelia teleport to the base and Amelia became Solon's assistant to create the new Morpher. Solon mentioned that she always wanted to have an assistant and asked Amelia to pass her the circuit board. Amelia gave it to her carefully because she has had a streak of bad luck and tells Solon everything that happened to her. Solon told Amelia that she's had a great day but Amelia did not want to continue helping her because she is afraid she could destroy something. Solon said it is a shame because extra hands would always help but she decided to take a better look at the Morpher.

Solon told Amelia that her new Morpher is ready and told her to contact the others fast but Amelia told Solon that she couldn't. Solon asked Amelia what was wrong with her and Amelia told her that her new Morpher, Saber, or Key could be stolen. Solon told her that her team needs it and responded by saying if Amelia has a bad day that does not mean bad luck. She then told her that luck is not something that can be measured or held in her hand and it's instead there in her mind and affects the way she sees things. Even if Amelia is only miserable for concentrating on the bad things, there were also good things, she is simply not seeing them and that the only way she can do it is by going out again and taking a look. Solon hands her the Morpher to help the team but she rejected the offer because she thinks she is better off away. During the fight against Smashstone, Zayto communicated in case Amelia is ready but is shot down by the monster. Solon and Amelia worried about Zayto and were surprised to see that Boomtower had transported to their base. They then saw that Boomtower had Amelia's old Morpher, which has been repaired. The robot says he came for the Sporix the Rangers have collected so far and Solon told him that if he wanted them, he would have to get past her. Boomtower was about to attack and Solon told him to watch behind him and Amelia took the new Morpher and morphed to face him. Amelia asked Solon if she was very lucky to be here and Solon said yes and supported her. Amelia then teleported herself and Boomtower to the place where the Rangers are battling Smashstone. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Superstition Strikes

Solon told the Rangers that she tried using the Zord Finder but it only locates the T-Rex Champion, Tricera Blade, Ankylo Hammer, and Tiger Claw Zords but not the Stego Spike Zord and said that the Zords on their keys have matching signatures the Zord Finder can detect but not if the Zord is inactive. She then states that they must find Javi's Zord but was confused when she saw that the Zord signal disappeared. When Javi returned, Solon informs him that her Zord Finder managed to detect the Stego Spike Zord but no one knows what activated it.

Solon was still trying to locate the Stego Spike Zord but still did not understand why it was activated before and not now but she will keep trying. She later heard that Zayto, Amelia, and Ollie were talking about Javi being upset and decided to show them the viral video where Javi is playing his Keytar in the park. They saw that Javi managed to get his keytar and that everything was fine but Solon mentions that it is not only that before showing how Warden Garcia took the keytar from Javi and Javi came back. Zayto and Amelia went to talk to him while Solon and Ollie still worked on looking for the Zord. Ollie discovered that the moment Javi played his keytar, the energy of the Stego Spike Zord was activated and they discovered that when Javi plays his music, his Ranger energy activates the Zord. Solon was excited by the idea and said that they have to try and they asked Javi to play one of his instruments. Javi played his flute and the Stego Spike Zord responded to the music, allowing to confirm that the Zord is indeed active when Javi plays his music. Suddenly, they received an emergency call from the Hotline saying that a robot is attacking. Solon assumes that it may be Boomtower and Zayto, Ollie, and Amelia goes off to confront him. Javi asked Solon if she wished him luck and she responds by saying that he doesn't need her because he has his music.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Stego Search

She is horrified and suspicious when the Rangers bring Arla into Dino Henge. Despite her insistence that Arla's offer to destroy the Sporix is too good to be true, Zayto trusts his "fellow Rafkonian" completely. Alone with Solon, Arla reveals that she's actually Slyther, and fiercely attacks her in the woods, damaging her cybernetic body. Becoming Arla once again, he lies about the reason Solon isn't in the base, but Zayto eventually catches on. After Slyther was temporarily defeated, Ollie repaired Solon's damaged body, and Zayto apologized for trusting the wrong person. She in turn apologized for not knowing the snack she'd offered Zayto earlier was Rafkonian dog food. She did, however, use the dog food to figure out Arla was a phony.


Solon is a very friendly and intelligent dinosaur who hates being called "Old," simply on the basis that she is 65 million years old. Sometimes, she also acts as the group's team mom, such as comforting Zayto and Amelia, and offering to make the Garcia siblings a snack after officially welcoming them to the team.

Powers and Abilities

  • Durability: Solon took a direct hit from the Void Knight's lightning bolt to the face (the same attack that was able to rip open the entrance to the Dinohenge base) and was only winded.
  • Longevity: Solon has lived for at least 65 million years without aging a single day.
  • Cybernetic Eyes: Being a cyborg, Solon's eyes are cybernetic, and they can block out negative effects such as Vypeera's immobilization gaze which requires organic eyes for the victims to be affected. These can also telescope when she needs to examine something closely.
  • Multilingualism: Solon is able to speak in many different languages, however she is unable to speak or translate French or the signal from the communicator.
  • Expert Genius: Solon is an expert in creating gadgets, such as a new Dino Fury Morpher for Amelia and the Zord Finder.
Solon (Mighty Roar).jpg
  • Mighty Roar: Solon is able to release a powerful roar. One managed to fix the problem the Rangers experienced after unknowingly eating Mick's failed prototypes of No-Howl Drop.


  • Claws: Being part-dinosaur, Solon has claws on the tips of her fingers which she has yet to use.
  • Communicator: Just like the Rangers, Solon has a similar communicator-like device on her left wrist to communicate with others and teleport.

Behind the Scenes


  • Solon is voiced by Josephine Davison, who previously played Morgana in S.P.D. and voiced Itassis in Mystic Force. This is Davison's first Power Rangers role in 15 years and her first non-villain role (although Itassis did reform in Mystic Force's finale).

Concept Art


  • The Solonosaurus is a fictional dinosaur species created specifically for Power Rangers Dino Fury. Solon's design resembles a mix between a Ceratosaurus (the nose horn), a Velociraptor (the shape of her head and crest of feathers), and a Tyrannosaurus Rex (the shape of her feet).
    • This fact makes Solon similar to the Kishiryu from Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger (Dino Fury's Sentai counterpart), as like them, she is a fictional species of dinosaur based on a real-world dinosaur species.
  • Solon can speak millions of languages from throughout the galaxy, except French, which she claims to be tough.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Lost Signal
  • Her natural voice translates to an ear-splitting roar.
  • She is a fan of Levi Weston.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Phoning Home
  • She is curious and wants to try pineapple on pizza.
  • She shares her name with Solon of Athens, one of the Seven Sages of Greece.


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