This article is about a/an Precious in GoGo Sentai Boukenger.

Solomon's Ring

  • Hazard Level: 13

Solomon's Ring (ソロモンの指輪 Soromon no Yubiwa) is a magic ring stated to be used by Israeli king Solomon to control animals as he did in biblical texts. Shizuka of the Wind found the ring and, in conjunction with Zukangami, a Tsukumogami with the magical ability to turn people into animals, was going to use it to create animal slaves for her and Dark Shadow to control. Although succeeding in changing Masumi, Natsuki and Akashi into animals, Sakura stole the ring from her without getting a means of changing them back. She attempted to use the ring in a deal with Shizuka for an antidote, but called her bluff knowing the only way to change them back was to defeat Zukangami, which she, Souta and the three animal Boukengers ultimately do. Task 22: The Ring of Solomon

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