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"Lord Drop, I Sworgoyle, will take care of everything."
―Dark Sword Saima Beast Solgoil's first words

Dark Sword Saima Beast Solgoil is a Psyma Beast under Infant Demon Drop

Character History

Under the instructions of the Psyma infant, Solgoil uses his power to attack the city by causing multiple atmospheric disturbances, raising the temperature to over 30 degrees celsius before reducing the temperature to freezing conditions. This attack leads to Matsuri having a hard time due to a patient she was watching over having his flowers wither from the extreme temperature variance. When Solgoil starts directly attacking the city with fireballs, the patient becomes trapped as he continues to try and save the flowers, forcing Matsuri to rescue him before the team faces him down. GoGoFive defeat him with the Life Bird, then with Victory Robo.

When GoGoFive is sucked into Ghost Psyma Hell by Salamandes, Solgoil was one of the army of Psyma Beast ghosts summoned by Psyma Chaos to attack them until his staff was destroyed, leading to the Psyma Beasts to rampage against everyone. When GoGoFive find a portal back into their world with assistance of their mother, Solgoil follows alongside Chanbaano and Juuki and is resurrected as a giant ghost once again. After the other two are destroyed a second time by Grand Line, GoGoFive attempt to use Victory Robo to defeat Solgoil once again, but it was more powerful than ever in its resurrected state, forcing them to fuse with Liner Boy to become Max Victory Robo and ultimately destroy Solgoil a second time with Max Nova.

His face likewise appears on the skirt of the queen.


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Modus and Arsenal

His main power is the control of heat, primarily used in the control of atmospheric conditions where he can make it supremely hot one second and cold and snowy the next just by adjusting the temperature. He likewise can create a lens in the sky that concentrates heat and uses it to create fireballs to attack large areas. His main offensive weapon is a flame sword which he can change one of his arms into.


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  • He is voiced by Ikuya Sawaki in his Super Sentai debut.

Behind the Scenes

  • His name is a portmanteau of "sol" (Latin for "sun) and a pun on "gargoyle".

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