This article is about a/an Precious in GoGo Sentai Boukenger.

Soldier's Bow

  • Hazard Level: 187

The Soldier's Bow (兵の弓 Tsuwamono no Yumi) is a bow and arrow Precious used by demon hunters to fight the Ashu. Led by Furious Demon God Gai, the Ashu duo discover the weapon under a temple which they destroy and initially use it to destroy a city; but soon decide to utilize it alongside a plan to make the Boukengers suffer by making Akashi see it being wielded by his deceased friend Masaki (in actuality Gai being covered by an illusion mist used by Grand Beast Rei), forcing him to psychologically choose his side. Ultimately, Akashi overcomes his doubts and grief of his friend's death and reasserts his love of adventures, allowing for him to retake the bow and, alongside Eiji's staff, use it to damage the Ashu duo. Task 18: The Man that Lived

During his final assault on the Precious Bank, Ryuuwon releases the Soldier Bow and uses it against Akashi as he tried to obtain the Egg of Lemuria once again. Task 47: The Box of Despair

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