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The Solarix is a mysterious artifact that allows Ellarien to become the Solar Ranger. It utilizes "vortex energy" (the Void denizens term for Morphin Grid energy) and can drain more of it to power its user. It also appears to have some level of sentience, as it can project images on its own such as tracings of constellations and Ellarien states it sometimes "calls out" to her.Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 33

Upon a Promethea sensor scan analysis by Terona and Cam after the Promethea Ranger team morphed inexplicably, they soon discover the Solarix is somehow a physical shard of the Morphin Grid and it can supercharge a Ranger's connection to it in areas where no Morphin Grid exists. It is shown that the Solarix is able to materialize energy construct duplicates of Zords from other dimensions and universes if Power Rangers who are in contact with the Solarix focus hard enough. Ellarien eventually learns to use it to teleport across great distances and create protective barriers to stop oncoming attacks.Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 34

Solarix being examined by Terona

Terona examines the Solarix

Despite its massive potential, it needs Morphin Grid energy to stay active and can dwindle in power if not "fed". When removed from the brace it was connected to and examined again, Terona found that the Solarix is a crystal isotope that is part of the Morphin Grid by being attuned to its frequency, thus why it has physical raw energy from it.Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 36

Morphing sequence

To activate the Solarix, the user must simply will it to transform them and it will respond to that desire. An alien melody then plays as the change happens. However, despite it being a powerful relic, it can "glitch" if the user is not in a clear mental state. Negative emotions such as fear, doubt and anger disrupt the user's morphed state and can even cause them great pain.

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