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The Solar Streak is a blue and gold 6-car Train Zord piloted by Daggeron, the Solaris Knight. While the Solar Streak is like the Rail Rescues from Lightspeed Rescue (as both Zords are based off of a train), it can travel to other dimensions.


Powers and Abilities

  • Dimension Travel: The Solar Streak can travel across other dimensions.

Appearances: Mystic Force Episodes 15-18, 20, 22, 24-31


In the battle against the Behemoth, The Solaris Knight unleashed his Zord to battle the monster, with the Furnace Blast ability, it defeated the Behemoth.

Solar Streak Megazord

The Solar Streak Megazord is the combination of the six different train compartments of the Solar Streak Train. The Solar Streak Megazord is very powerful and can use different attacks. However it was proven to be weaker than most of the Ten Terrors.

Powers and Abilities

  • Extraordinary Jumper: Despite the Solar Streak Megazord's bulky appearance, it can jump at surprisingly long heights.
  • Steam Blaster: It can fire a gust of steam from its head to blow the enemy from a far.
  • Solar Streak Multi Kick: The Solar Streak Megazord can grab the enemy in point-blank range and do a barrage of fast moving multiple kicks at the enemy.(used by Genji)
  • Remote Train Cars: It can send out small locomotives from its legs to wrap the monsters with. This was only used twice.
  • Furnace Blast (Flames): Sometimes from its chest, it can also launch a stream of flames at the enemy.

The finisher for this Megazord is a variation of the Furnace Blast. From its chest, the Solar Streak can fire a massive yellow colored energy beam, that when hit on contact with the enemy, will pull a monster and/or villain inside the Megazord's chest and will be burned from the fires in the furnace until they explode. In the episode "The Snow Prince", this was powerful enough to destroy Megahorn .


  • Fists: While the Solar Streak Megazord is the only Megazord to lack any weapons, it can fight with its own fists.
  • Mystic Sprite Ball-In the episode "Dark Wish -part I", whilst fighting Shrieker, the Mystic Titans and the Solar Streak Megazord teamed up to knock down the monster (forcing her back to normal size where she was destroyed for good).

Appearances: Episodes 15-18, 20, 22, 24-31


Episodes 15-18, 20, 22, 24-31


  • The Solar Streak and the Solar Streak Megazord are one of the only Zords in Mystic Force that are not based off of any mythological creatures.
  • The Solar Streak Megazord's Funace Blast attack is very similar the Ghost Trap, a device from the Ghostbusters franchise that's used to capture the ghosts, demons and other supernatural creatures so the Ghostbusters can deposit them into the Ecto-Containment Unit.
  • The Solar Streak is the second 6th Ranger Zord not to have any compatibility with the main Megazord, the first being the Quantasaurus Rex.

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