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Power Rangers Jungle Fury - Power Rangers Morph 7

"Jungle Beasts, Spirits Unleashed!"

The Solar Morphers are sunglasses-like morphers that allow the Jungle Fury Power Rangers to morph into their Ranger forms. The Solar Morphers are also used for communication between the Rangers and RJ. They feature audio and visual capabilities. The lenses appear exactly as they do in their ranger forms' helmets.

Alternative to the Solar Morphers, the Super Mega Rangers used Legendary Ranger Keys provided by Gosei to assume the corresponding Ranger forms as a Legendary Ranger Mode.

Morphing Sequence

Solar Morphers.

To transform, they put on the sunglasses, click the button on the right, and call out "Jungle Beasts, Spirits Unleashed!" to morph. In the forest, they make martial art moves for a few seconds and then the animal spirit appears from them and goes inside the animal spirit in order for the transformation to initiate.


  • These are the first set of morphers completely unique to Power Rangers, as these are glasses compared to the GekiChangers being gauntlets. There have been cases of a morpher unique to a Ranger because it wasn't used by their Sentai counterpart:
  • Due to being sunglasses, the Solar Morphers are the first, and so far only, morphers in the Power Rangers franchise that are not held in their user's hands or worn on their wrist when morphing.
    • Eyewear is no stranger to being used as a transformation device in Japan though, as Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters would use this concept later on. The Ultra SeriesIcon-crosswiki.png would have its most famous and earliest use in the form of the Ultra Eye, the transformation device of Dan Moroboshi aka Ultra Seven.
  • Like the Chrono Morphers, the Solar Morphers are also integrated with the Rangers' morphed forms.
  • Apparently, villains can also directly contact rangers through these under unknown circumstances. This can bring up the idea of radio waves, where the rangers are connected through one channel, and somehow the villains can tap into that certain channel allowing communication between both sides.

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