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"You want to stay here that badly?"
―Soft Body Psyma Deathmine's first words.

Soft Body Psyma Beast Deathmine (軟体サイマ獣デスマイン Nantai Saimajū Desumain, 28) is a grim reaper/octopus-theme Psyma Beast under Evil Spirit Princess Denus.


Deathmine was utilized by Denus in controlling the laboratory of Professor Kagami, the man who devised the AI behind GoGoFive's Liner Boy, in a scheme to force the doctor who give his work a program to make it controlled for Psyma usage. GoGoFive try to face it initially in order to save Kagami, Liner Boy, and their own Shou (who was assisting the doctor), but had a hard time facing its defenses. Ultimately after GoGreen is able to save the doctor's baby boy from the Psyma, he unleashes his entire wrath upon the Psyma Beast before the team destroy it with Victory Buster.

After being resurrected by Pierre, Deathmine is initially assisted by the brainwashed Liner Boy in fighting Victory Robo; but with Shou's previous acknowledgement that Liner Boy is also his son, Kagami frees the robot from Psyma control. With it back on their side, GoGoFive use a "battle formation" where Victory Robo punches Liner Boy, making it streak through the sky and rip right through Deathmine, destroying it.


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Powers and Abilities


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His main weapons include a scythe-like weapon and the ability to fire lasers. His body is also extremely resilient due to being soft in structure.

Behind the Scenes


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  • His design is based on an octopus and the Grim Reaper.

Concept Art


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