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"Magical Source, Mystic Force!"

Jeweled tip of the Snow Staff in its wand form

The Snow Wand (body)

Full body of the Snow Staff in its wand form

The Snow Staff was the White Mystic Ranger's weapon. It has two forms, a wooden wand with a snowflake crystal and a Magi Staff form, with an extra-long staff portion. It was capable of firing energy and releasing blasts of wind cold enough to freeze an opponent in place.

When Koragg defeated Udonna in battle, he stole the Snow Staff and took it to the Pit where he kept it as his trophy, preventing Udonna from accessing her Ranger powers. It was eventually retrieved by Leelee, who returned it to Clare in order to save Udonna after being captured, allowing Udonna to once again become the White Mystic Ranger.

Alternative to the Snow Staff, the Super Mega Rangers used a Legendary Ranger Key provided by Gosei to assume the corresponding Ranger form as a Legendary Ranger Mode.


However, when the White Ranger was defeated in battle, Koragg the Knight Wolf took the staff. Koragg once used the Staff to somehow contact Nick by way of magical telepathy, creating a two-way telepathic connection which they can both now use without the Snow Staff.

After Udonna was captured by Hekatoid, Leelee and Clare helped her to bring her back with the Snow Staff.

Udonna uses the staff to bring Leanbow back to life.

Morphing Sequence

Udonna called out "Magical Source, Mystic Force!" like the other Mystic Rangers, using similar arm motions to morph but, being a powerful sorceress, created Spell Seals instead of using Spell Codes.

PRMF - Udonna

PRMF - Udonna


  • This 'morpher' is similar to the Golden Power Staff, in which it is a weapon that has the capability to morph someone into a ranger.
  • Udonna uses this as a morpher as opposed to her Sentai counterpart who has a Magiphone, much as the Gold Ranger employed the Power Staff as opposed to the Morpher of the Sentai version. Interestingly, a similar swap is seen in the case of the Magna Defender: when Mike Corbett changed into him, he used a Morpher, while Sentai counterpart BullBlack utilized only his sword.
  • Even though Udonna turned the other wands she gave the other rangers into cellphones, Udonna's wand could've done the same if she chose to.

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