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"Pardon the chilly reception but I don’t recall any of you asking permission to make snow angels in my valley. Now I’m going to have to keep you on ice."
―The Snow Monster when confronting Kimberly, Tommy and Rocky.[src]

"This will teach you to trespass into my valley. Get ready for the big chill. Ah ha ha ha ha ha."
―The Snow Monster’s final words before burying himself.[src]

The Snow Monster was a yeti monster serving as an extremely minor antagonist in the two-part episode "Storybook Rangers".


Mighty Morphin

Unlike most monsters, the Snow Monster has no affiliation with the Evil Space Aliens and is a standalone monster who hates people entering his valley without permission. Kimberly, Tommy and Rocky end up entering his snowy valley and are confronted by the Snow Monster who does not like them being in his valley so he threatens to ice them. The three pull out their Power Morphers to morph but they are frozen over in the cold so they have to hide and run around whilst the Snow Monster throws boulders at them. Tired of being useless, the Snow Monster charges at the three and knocks them aside but ends up being unable to stop and body slams the valley side. This causes a massive avalanche that traps the three Power Rangers inside a nearby cave and completely buries the Snow Monster although he is later shown to have survived. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Storybook Rangers

In Space

The Snow Monster is seen as a patron of the Onyx Tavern when Andros challenges Darkonda for the Mega Voyager cards. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Flashes of Darkonda


The Snow Monster was a morose and spiteful monster who was very aggressive and wanted to protect his mountain at any cost. He didn't like trespassers at his territory. The Snow Monster is an intensely grumpy and angry monster who hated intruders and spoke exclusively in ice puns. However, he is also very clumsy and goofy as he accidentally defeated himself using his own clumsiness by causing an earthquake.mountain and disliked the Power Rangers and Grumble. He was also actually dimwitted as he tried to kill the Rangers and Grumble the Magic Elf with an avalanche and was buried himself.

Powers and Abilities


  • Strength: The Snow Monster is able to pick up and throw large boulders at his enemies.
    • Earthquake Causing: The Snow Monster is able to make the ground quake through unknown means and knock all three Rangers to the ground.
  • Body Slam: The Snow Monster is able to accidentally body slam the ground hard enough to cause a massive earthquake.


  • Charge: The Snow Monster is able to charge forward with enough force to knock aside the three Rangers.


  • Clumsiness: The Snow Monster accidentally tripped and defeated himself by causing an avalanche.


  • Fists: The Snow Monster was able to ram through the three Power Rangers and knock them aside with his fists.
  • Boulders: The Snow Monster used giant boulders to try and kill the three Rangers but always missed.

Behind the Scenes



  • Despite being a yeti, the Snow Monster was a recolored and modified version of Primator (who was based upon a gorilla) just with a different paint job and extra fur added.


  • No special naming conventions.


  • The Snow Monster was a Power Rangers-exclusive monster.
  • The costume for the Snow Monster was recycled for Men in White as one of the aliens on Glaxxon's ship.