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"It's gonna be a white Christmas for you!"
―Snow Fright’s first lines to the Ninja Steel Rangers before freezing them solid.[src]

"Ughhhhhhhh! I’m melting!"
―Snow Fright’s last words before her initial defeat.[src]

"Ice to be back. Ha Ha!"
―Snow Fright upon being gigantified.[src]

"I didn't have a snowball’s chance! Uugh!"
―Snow Fright's final words before her destruction.[src]

Snow Fright is a female Snow/Shaved Ice Maker-themed Outlaw and the primary antagonist of the Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Christmas Special "The Poisy Show." She is the final threat of the Power Rangers Ninja Steel series.


Snow Fright travelled to Earth with Sledge right after the Super Ninja Steel Rangers get their Power Stars back. She then traps all of them but Preston in snowmen. Sledge and Preston are then transported into the Dino Charge Dimension and she takes the rangers to Poisandra so that they can be on her chat show, the Poisy Show.

The Rangers made a plan and manage to escape and she is sent after them with some Basherbots. She is defeated by Lion Fire Red with Yellow and Pink Ranger's help using an attack so they dubbed the Lion Fire Heatwave Final Attack.  She is gigantified by Sledge after he discovered the Gigantify Ray so the Rangers summoned their Megazords. She turns the Ninja Ultazord into a giant snowman, but they escaped and she was destroyed by the Ninja Ultrazord Blast Final Attack.


Snow Fright is cold and sinister, she has a love for snow and will do anything in her power to defeat the Rangers.

Powers and abilities

  • Teleportation: Snow Fright can teleport to any location at will.
  • Snowman Stream Entrapment: Since Snow Fright is a snow-themed villain, she can launch a stream of snow and ice from her hands, though this ice-type attack differed from previous ice-type attacks as it does not freeze anyone in ice, but rather she can trap anyone or anything into a snowman.

Behind the Scenes



  • Snow Fright was the final monster in the Neo Saban Era.
  • Snow Fright was originally called Snow Fight but was presumably changed due to Snow Fright sounding better.
  • Snow Fright is the only monster in Ninja Steel whose first words, initial final words, words upon growing, and final words all revolve around her theme or powers.
    • Drillion comes close but his words when grown (for the first time) were "playtimes over" which has no correlation to him.
  • Snow Fright is the third and final female monster in Super Ninja Steel whose Sentai counterpart is also female, after Venoma and Jabberon. Toxitea, Cleocatra, and Spyclops were female in Power Rangers but were male in Ninninger.
  • Unlike her Japanese counterpart, Snow Fright has no ice sword. This is almost certainly due to a lot of her footage being cut down to include the titular Poisy Show..
    • She does however very clearly have it after she says "fire doesn't go well with ice."
  • Snow Fright is the third villain coming from Ninninger to be part of Sledge's Crew, the first two are the Ghost Monster and Badonna.
  • Snow Fright is the third monster of the week to be in a Christmas epilogue episode since Heximas from Power Rangers Dino Super Charge and Cleocatra from Power Rangers Ninja Steel.
  • Snow Fright's name is a pun on the fairy tale character, Snow White.
  • Snow Fright is the second final threat villain to be ice-themed, the first being Flurious.

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