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"To summarize, you don't know their location? (....) 7 million (....). This completes our negotiations."
―Sniper Reihou's first words
"Don't kid yourself. Just try to catch me!"
―Sniper Reihou's first words being enlarged

Sniper Reihou (スナイパー・レイホウ Sunaipā Reihō) is a professional assassin in for 150 years that was released by Don Dolnero to assassinate the Timerangers, though she was only willing to do it for $7,000,000 per each ranger. She uses a unique type of bullet that allows her to penetrate the TimeRanger's Chrono Suits. Reihou kidnapped Honami Moriyama after her publisher published an article claiming that she knew who the Timerangers are, and placed a bomb around Honami's neck as she placed her in an open square in a trap to shoot the Timerangers from a distance. With planning, TimeGreen and TimePink were able to save Honami while TimeRed, TimeBlue, and TimeYellow battled Reihou. Once the team gathered, Reihou enlarged herself. Brought in by TimeRobo Beta/TimeRobo Alpha. Ultimately Reihou was unaware the Londerz Family never intended to pay her for her talents and the scheme.


concept art

  • Her motif is the one of plants.
  • Her name comes from Reihou (礼砲 Reihō), the Japanese word for "gun salute"
  • Her eye scope and weapon being a gauntlet gun brings to mind Floyd Lawton/Deadshot, one of Batman's adversaries.
  • Reason for being unadapted for Power Rangers Time Force is due to extensive use of her as a sniper.
  • Depression Seals Location: left thigh

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