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"Phantom Beast General Snapper, with the Spirit of the Snapping Turtle!"
―Snapper's roll call.[src]

"Yes, Dai Shi!"
―Snapper's last words before his death.[src]

Snapper was the Phantom Beast General that had the Snapping Turtle animal spirit and the second in command.


Scrapper was the Phantom Beast who used the battle style of the Snapping Turtle. During the first Beast War, Snapper fought against the Pai Zhuq Academy and Dai Shi Clan. He, along with the other Phantom Beasts, was defeated and destroyed. However, the Crystal Eyes are left behind and they possess the power to resurrect them.

Jungle Fury

After the death of Grizzaka, Jellica flees from Dai Shi with the Crystal Eyes, from which she resurrects Scorch, Whiger, and Snapper with the goal to kill Dai Shi for her. However, they betray and kill her before summoning their Phantom Beast Warriors and swearing allegiance to Dai Shi despite his new humanity in order to win the Beast Wars. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Fear and the Phantoms

After Whiger is stripped of his rank and destroyed, Scorch starts to doubt Dai Shi's ability to suppress his human host due to Camille so he and Snapper begin plotting against her. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Spirit of Kindness

Scorch and Snapper send Sonimax, Osiris, and Lepus to assassinate Camile in the woods under the pretense of a direct order and then deny knowing where she is when confronted by their master. However, knowing of their hatred for Camile, Dai Shi goes to save her and kills Sonimax and Lepus. Scorch and Snapper later intervene during a fight between Lepus and Casey (the latter having been on a run in the woods when he found Jarrod and Camille) and tosses him down. Lepus calls them out for tricking her and her friends but they decide to leave this for later whilst they kill Casey only for the other Jungle Fury Rangers to arrive and summon the Spirit Rangers. Scorch and Snapper fight the Spirit Rangers so the Rangers combine their finishers which causes a big blast but neither Phantom Beast General is fazed and Scorch blasts them down. However, the Jungle Fury Rangers easily manage to destroy Lepus so they withdraw. Tvicon.png TV STORY-To Earn Your Stripes

Later, when Jarrod breaks free of Dai Shi and escapes with help from Casey, Snapper aids Scorch in hunting down him and Camille only to battle the Rangers, Jarrod, and Camille. Snapper is eventually destroyed by Camille using a massive drill-like attack and the other Rangers while Casey and Jarrod fight and defeat Scorch. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Path of the Righteous

Snapper was revived by Dai Shi for the Final Beast War but is finally destroyed for good by the 7 Pai Zhuq Masters. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Now the Final Fury

Powers and Abilities


  • Power: Snapper was easily the second most powerful enemy of all of Jungle Fury, far exceeding Grizzaka and any of the Overlords as well as all of his underlings and Whiger but was still weaker than Scorch or Dai Shi in his true form.
  • Rinzin: Snapper was more skilled in using his Rinzin Power than any other Phantom Beast sans Scorch and the Phantom Beast King which manifested as clouds of golden energy and granted him many abilities:
    • Rinzin Enhancement: Scorch, Whiger, and Snapper were able to surround their bodies in Rinzin Power to empower allies like Dai Shi and Camille.
    • Rinzin Waves: Snapper could charge himself up with Rinzin Power and unleash yellow energy waves capable of taking down two Megazords with three hits.
    • Rinzin Headbutt: Snapper could charge up his head with Rinzin Power and headbutt with enough force to send Camile backwards.
    • Brainwashing: It was implied that he and Scorch were the ones to brainwash the Pai Zhuq masters to utilize the Spirit Rangers.
    • Enlargement: Snapper was able to enlarge himself using the power of Rinzin without the need to gather fear.
      • Teleportation Enlargement: Snapper was also able to do this mid-teleportation apparently as shown when he arrived to help Sonimax.
  • Teleportation: Snapper could teleport himself and others adjacent to him to any location at will.


  • Armor: Snapper had very tough shell-like armor that allowed him to completely shrug off a strike from RJ and the Rhino Morpher Super Blade Attack simultaneously.


  • Fists: Snapper lacked any melee weapons, much like the other Phantom Beasts, but was efficiently skilled with his bare hands.
    • Rinzin Punch: Snapper was able to charge Rinzin into his fists and punch Jellica hard enough that, when combined with Whiger and Scorch's own use of this move, obliterated her despite her watery properties.
    • Rinzin Empowerment: Snapper could charge up his fists with Rinzin Power and touch his enemies, sending them flying into the air and explode, as shown when he did this to the Megazords.
    • Rinzin Blasts: Snapper could charge up his hand with Rinzin Power and fire yellow energy blasts that might have killed Lily had they not been energy slashed apart by Camille.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Snapper's name comes from his motif.



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