This article is about a/an comic story in Power Rangers Ninja Storm.

Snakes Alive is a comic story based on Power Rangers Ninja Storm, which was printed as part of the 3rd issue of Egmont's UK Power Rangers Magazine.[1]



The Thunder Rangers are watching the Kelzacks building something and decide to attack but are distracted when Cam sends them their Zords, allowing the rest of the Kelzacks to teleport away. Both Thunder Rangers are upset at Cam sending the Zords as they did not need them, so they walk away and leave him there. Cam investigates what the Kelzacks were building but some of the Kelzacks start to wake up, so Cam morphs to battle them. The Thunder Rangers stop and think that it was wrong to leave Cam and decide to go back and help him. As they arrive they see what the Kelzacks were building, a huge monster called the Kelzack Serpents. Cam calls their Zords and they form the Samurai Thunder Megazord which destroys the monster. Back at base, Blake, Hunter and Cam are all friends again.[2]




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