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Snake Evo (ヘビシンカ Hebishinka, 6) is the snake-theme Evolution Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire

Character History

Snake Shinka lead an operation around the reverse of a volcano to cause massive earthquakes that will destroy Tokyo. However, a school near the volcano noticed the actions Jashinka were performing and chose to investigate; but most of the children were brainwashed and captured by the Evolution Beast. One child eluded capture and was able to get in contact with Shima and Nangou, who were in the mountains searching for animals for Rei Tachibana's experiments. When they initially try to face Snake Shinka as it tracked the boy down, it attacked Shima leading to him to become brainwashed and attacked Nangou; DynaYellow was able to restrain him to prevent any more chaos. Using some assistance from Dr. Yumeno, Nangou discovers a plant on the mountain that he uses first to cure Shima, then to cure the children after faking capture by the Evolution Beast. Nangou and Shima fight back against Snake Shinka before it is weakened by Super Dynamite, then destroyed by Dyna Robo after undergoing Big Bang Process.


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Modus and Arsenal

It possesses many attributes similar to a snake, such as a style of hypnosis and a long serpentine-like whip as well as typical Shinka moves such as a Gatling gun and flamethrower in its mouth. It's main move is to use its bite to change people into puppets that it can give commands to control. It can also emit body powder that can stun enemies, fire electric bolts from its eyes, and change its size.


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Behind the Scenes

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