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"Nice to join the party."
―Snageye's first words upon activation.[src]

"How about I knock some sense into you?"
―Snageye's introduction to the Rangers.[src]

"I'm the only one with true power."
―Snageye when engaging into battle with Black Ranger and Void Knight.[src]

―Snageye during his malfunction.[src]

"Let me watch your defeat with my own eyes."
―Snageye about to battle Dino Knight Red.[src]

"I can't believe I was beaten by a t-t-teenager! Tell my queen...Gyaahh!"
―Snageye's last words before his destruction.[src]

Snageye was a robotic bishop/cannon-based general in Power Rangers Dino Fury Season 2 and Void Queen's first general. He served as the main antagonist of the episode "The Hunt".


Snageye was in the process of creation ordered by Void Queen, which was overseen by Wreckmate. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Serious Business

Death of Snageye

Snageye was finished being built by the Hengemen under Wreckmate's supervision for Void Queen to send to destroy the Rangers. When activated, he pledged his undying loyalty to Void Queen. Void Queen sends him to use his power to destroy the Rangers. The new general runs into Ollie, Amelia, Izzy, and Aiyon at the alley and attacks them while they call for backup. During the time he was fighting the Rangers, he trapped Ollie and Amelia inside his pocket dimension. He continues to fight Aiyon and Izzy and wondered if that's all they got. Izzy use the Sprint Dino Key to try to catch up with him but he was able to block all of her attacks and wondered when she will start trying. Later on, Zayto and Javi show up when Snageye traps Aiyon and Izzy inside him. He then tries to do the same thing to Zayto and Javi, but misses them. Snageye teleports to where Zayto and Javi met up with Void Knight. He then traps Zayto inside the pocket dimension and goes into battle against Void Knight and Javi. Javi uses the Shield Dino Key to block Snageye's attacks but the robot was still able to trap him after telling him to say hi to his friends before telling Void Knight he is next for being a traitor. When he and Void Knight go at it, he told his foe that if he doesn't surrender, he will suffer. Void Knight told Snageye he made his choice and while attacking him and putting him on the ground, the robotic general wondered if that was all he got and how Void Queen could stand him. Void Knight runs to him and punches the buckle that was keeping the Rangers trapped. Snageye kept on glitching and calling Void Knight a traitor while Zayto was able to get out and was given the Dino Knight Morpher by Void Knight. The general told Zayto he had no chance and used a thunder slash to try to destroy him. Removing his mask, he faced the Red Ranger in his Dino Knight Armor. When he tried to attack, his sword did nothing and Zayto kept punching him before kicking him against a factory wall. Snageye couldn't find him and wondered what he was up to. Zayto then comes from the roof and slashes him with his claw before using the Gravi and Freeze Dino Keys to immobilize and freeze him. The Red Ranger then uses the Dino Knight Strike to destroy him once and for all, leaving only his chessboard buckle, which released the other Rangers from their imprisonment. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Hunt


Snageye is a cocky, but quite level-minded robot who serves Void Queen with the most absolute respect and loyalty. He is very concentrated on the tasks he is given and is determined to always get them done. He also holds a grudge against Void Knight due to him being a traitor, which makes his mission even more empowering to him.

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation: Snageye can teleport to any location in a column of purple energy.
  • Pocket Dimension: Through the red, orange, and green chessboard buckle on the left side of his torso, Snageye possesses a pocket dimension where he can imprison his enemies in.
    • Negation: Snageye's pocket dimension was able to negate the Rangers' teleportation and communication methods.
    • Energy Deflection: Snageye's pocket dimension can also deflect energy attacks from the inside.
  • Shockwave Kick: Snageye can create silver shockwaves with his kick.


  • Stealth: Snageye possesses extensive knowledge and skill in stealth tactics, enabling him to appear and disappear without notice.
  • Sword Proficiency: Snageye is extremely skilled with his ninjatō.


  • Escape from Pocket Dimension: If the chessboard buckle on Snageye's torso is hit with enough force, an exit will open, allowing any trapped victims to escape from his pocket dimension.
  • Immobilization from Ice: Snageye can be immobilized by ice attacks, such as the one created from Dino Knight Red's Gravi-Freeze combo.


  • Ninjatō: Snageye wields a ninjatō-style sword in combat.
    • Energy Slashes: Due to having data on the Rangers' powers, Snageye can perform multiple types of energy slashes based on their attacks with his ninjatō.
      • Warp Slash: Snageye can perform a yellow energy slash with his ninjatō that warps away and traps his opponents in his pocket dimension.
      • Seismic Slash: Snageye can perform seismic-based energy slashes with his ninjatō that (seemingly) manifests the Smash Battle Armor's boxing gloves.
      • Thunder Slash: Snageye can perform gold lightning-based energy slashes with his ninjatō.
      • Ice Slash: Snageye can perform ice-based energy slashes with his ninjatō.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Snageye is the first general to neither be created by nor serve Void Knight and is the only one with the least amount of appearances as his counterpart Uden only lasted one episode as well. Unlike Uden, Snageye did not destroy Tarrick, but did damage his armor, causing him to give the Dino Knight Morpher back to Zayto so the Red Ranger can get his power-up.
  • Snageye is the third general of the Void Family to be destroyed.


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