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Snack Safari - Sun Vulcan

Snack Safari as seen in Sun Vulcan.

Snack Safari - Gokaiger

Snack Safari as seen in Gokaiger. (Episode 1)

The Snack Safari (スナックサファリ Sunakku Safari) was the hang-out of the Sun Vulcan team when not on duty. It is run by Daizaburou Arashiyama, where he works as the chef when not controlling his Sentai squadron. Later Sukehachi Yazawa, an actual chef unassociated with Sun Vulcan and the Guardians of World Peace, became an associate chef working to run the restaurant when Sun Vulcan is on duty.

It later appears in the first episode of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. The Gokaigers come here to eat after first arriving on Earth, their lunch was interrupted by an attack from the Zangyack Space Armada, which demolished the diner.

It was rebuilt in time for the Gokaigers to have their final lunch before leaving Earth in the last episode, a few months after they defeated the Zangyack. The name of the restaurant was renamed the Snack New Safari (スナックニューサファリ Sunakku Nyū Safari)

Snack Safari was among the sponsors for the Zyuman Circus. Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger the Movie: The Heart Pounding Circus Panic

Space Sentai nod

Lucky leaving

An alternate reality version of the Snack Safari, known as the Cafe Safari (カフェサファリ Kafe Safari), appears in Kyuranger, still going strong and running even after Earth has been conquered by Jark Matter.Space.4: Dreamy Android


  • Snack Safari is similar to Snack Gon, the restaurant from Gorenger run by team mentor Gonpachi Edogawa as cover for their Sentai squadron's activities; likewise both Gonpachi and Arashiyama have curry as their store specialty.
  • Much like Dino Curry, this place has become a recurring meet-up point for various Sentai teams.
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