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Snack Gon

Snack Gon is a restaurant located above the secret location of the Gorengers base. It is run and managed by Edogawa Gonpachi, the general and commander of the Gorenger who also works as the chef of the snack bar. Its most notable dish is their curry, which is typically eaten by Daita Ooiwa.

The snack shop is a constant target for the Black Cross forces, who generally check there whenever they are trying to find the Gorenger. Ultimately Electricity Mask and an army of Zolders destroy the entire interior of Snack Gon when the Masked Monster does a search of several shops within a certain location for an attack by Mobile Fortress Navarone to destroy the Gorenger's base.Ep. 44: Blue Multi-Purpose Tank! Varitank Launches After this incident, Gonpachi redesigns the shop, changing it into Fruit Parfait Gon, a more modern appearing snack shop that generally serves desserts; though still serves some curry in order to prevent any protest from Daita.Ep. 45: Dark Sword Shark! Attack of the Marine Hitman

The shop is ultimately destroyed by a squadron of Black Cross soldiers after Commander-in-Chief Golden Mask uses his special golden rainbow ability with his sacrifice to locate the Gorenger's headquarters, allowing for Black Cross forces to level the entire neighborhood destroying everything in the vicinity.Final Ep.: Great Crimson Victory!! Shine Forever, Five Stars

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