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"Hey, I'm in charge. I'll fart when I want to."
―Smokescreen to Wrench[src]
"But Wrench was in charge!"
―Smokescreen's final words before his destruction[src]

Giant Smokescreen with a serpent-like tail.

Smokescreen is a Children's Day-themed monster who is an outlaw subservient to Sledge and the primary antagonist of the episode "Sync or Swim".

Character History

"I feel a bit foggy!"
―Smokescreen's final words before his first death.[src]

Smokescreen was teamed up with Wrench and was ordered by Master Sledge to blow up the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum with a bomb built by Wrench. He along with Wrench arrived at the museum, and had Wrench place the bomb on the Red Ranger's truck. But they realize until too late that he accidentally forgot to set the timer on the bomb. When they arrived at Museum's Fossil Fun Day, Wrench had Smokescreen used his fog to hide both him and Wrench, so Wrench can set the timer on the bomb. But they get caught by the Red, Pink, Blue, Black, Green and Gold Rangers, so Smokescreen used his fog to distract the Rangers. Both he and Wrench make it to the ship pod, but Wrench ended up ditching Smokescreen by taking the ship. Now Smokescreen gets surrounded by the Rangers, who then morph (he was surprised to be out match by six Rangers). Smokescreen summons an army of Vivix to aid him and he took on the Rangers, who then equipped the Dino Steel Armor. He did battle with the Red Ranger and had the upper hand until the Gold Ranger appeared, after the Red and Gold Ranger begrudgingly agree to work together, he was quickly out match and after getting a major beat down on all six Rangers, he accidentally revealed the plan to blow up the city with a bomb to the Rangers. The Rangers quickly destroy Smokescreen with the Dino Spike Charger Final Strike (with the Gold Ranger aiding it's power to create the Lighting Final Strike).

"AAAH! But Wrench was in charge!!"
―His final words before his second death.[src]

However, Smokescreen gets enlarged from death by the Magna Beam, and the Red Ranger summons the Dino Charge Megazord to take on Smokescreen while the rest of the Rangers diffuse the bomb. Smokescreen uses his Fart Fog to cover up the entire area with a red foggy atmosphere, and then assumes a half humanoid, half snake-like fo. He made a beat down on the Megazord, and was about to finish it off until the Gold Ranger with the Ptera Zord came along. The Gold Ranger tells the Red Ranger that they need to combine their Megazords, and as such they combined to form the Dino Charge Megazord: Tri-Stego-Ptera Formation. Smokescreen was no match and is destroyed by the Megazord's Stego Saber Lightning Charged Final Slash Attack. Sync or Swim

Smokescreen was later seen in Sledge's prison at the time when Kendall Morgan infiltrates Sledge's Ship. It is assumed he was re-animated off-screen. What happens to Smokescreen is unknown, he is presumably destroyed when it crashes on Earth.One More Energem


Smokescreen tends to boss others around when it is to his advantage, but he is also quick to withdraw responsibility if something involves risks to his well-being. Also, he is rather loyal, and will take his missions seriously. Still, he can get a bit clumsy at times, such as thinking aloud and revealing the plot he has been sent to accomplish to the Rangers. His pronounced ego ultimately causes him to pay the ultimate price.

Powers and Abilities

  • Fart Fog: From the two pipes behind his back, Smokescreen can "fart" out red stinky fog.
  • Camouflage: Smokescreen can also cloak himself in a crimson fog of his own making, both invisibilizing enemy sight and confusing them with a putrid scent.
  • Vivix Summoning: Smokescreen can summon an army of Vivix to aid him in battle.
  • Forehead Laser: Smokescreen can fire yellow energy lasers from his forehead.
  • Energy Lasers: He can also fire purple energy lasers, were he fires them is unknown.
  • Serpent Transformation: Smokescreen can fuse his legs into a snake-like tail for faster degrees of mobility.
    • Flight: Also in this form, Smokescreen can fly at high speed.


  • Fog Sword: Smokescreen is equipped with a samurai sword for combat.
    • Paralyzing Red Lightning: Smokescreen's sword also has a lighting-like effect, that when hit in contact with an enemy, with cause red electricity to flow on the enemy and will slow them down.

Behind the Scenes



  • The symbol on Smokescreen's reborn version chest originated from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: 100 YEARS AFTER, in which his Sentai counterpart was a member of a group of monsters called Attacking Group of the Four Seasons. Each monster was season themed and donned the kanji symbol that represented their respective season, in Smokescreen's case: Spring.
  • Smokescreen's line "Smell ya later!" is a call back to Gary's line, a character (and rival) from the popular video game franchise, Pokemon.
  • Smokescreen is the first monster to be done in by the Dino Charge Megazord's Tri-Stego-Ptera Formation.
  • Smokescreen is similar to Toxipod, a monster from Power Rangers Ninja Storm, as both monsters can use a stinky fog-type attack and can also hide in said fog.

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