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Smells Like Trouble is a comic story based on Power Rangers Megaforce, which was printed as part of the 27th issue of Panini's UK Power Rangers Magazine.[1]



After Mr Burley's science class on the environment, the Mega Rangers head into the woods for some training, but when they arrive they find that the trees have been destroyed. As they head back to the Command Center to talk to Gosei, the evil Admiral Malkor and Vrak are high above and decide if they destroy the environment they destroy the humans. Back at the Command Center, Gosei tells the Rangers it was not humans that destroyed the trees and sends them back to the woods. When they get there, a group of Loogies attack, the Rangers morph and defeat them in no time using their weapons. That is when the monster Sulfrok appears and fires poisonous gas from his sulphur cannons at the Rangers causing them to lose their powers. Sulfrok then flies into the air and hits the Rangers with another blast, Robo Knight shows up but says he is not here to help them but to help the Earth. As Robo Knight battles Sulfrok, the Rangers start to get their powers back then they block Sulfrok's tanks with the broken parts of the trees. That is when Robo Knight attacks him with his Robo Blade knocking Sulfrok to the ground, but seconds later he returns as a giant Mega Monster. The Rangers and Robo Knight decide to team up and while the Rangers combine their Megazord, Robo Knight's air and sea Mechazords take out Sulfrok's jet thrusters then they combine his Megazord. Sulfrok fires his poisonous gas but both Megazords combine their blasts into on devastating combo-attack which completely destroys Sulfrok.[2]




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