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"My mighty trunk will find the prism. I can already smell it! Madame Odius was right. It's still on Earth!"
―Smellephant's first words after being introduced by Cosmo Royale.[src]

"This stinks!"
―Smellephant's final words before his initial defeat.[src]

"All I can smell is...defeat!"
―Smellephant's final words before his destruction.[src]

Smellephant was an elephant and purse themed contestant and the first contestant of the second season of Galaxy Warriors. He was the main antagonist of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel's pilot episode "Echoes of Evil."


After Sledge and his crew repair the Warrior Dome but are swindled out of the Ninja Super Steel, Madame Odius decides to steal the Ninja Nexus Prism. As such, she kicks off the next season of Galaxy Warriors and Cosmo Royale introduces Smellephant who is able to use his super smell to locate it. Smellephant accompanies Odius and Badonna in getting the Ninja Nexus Prism in order to act as muscle in case the Ninja Steel Rangers appear. They arrive on Earth and, right before they can get the Prism which is hidden within a statue of Victor, a group of citizens arrive and try to fend off Odius, Badonna, and Smellephant with Victor and Monty's Monster repellent, but it has no effect and Smellephant just sucks it up with ease. Right after the Rangers try to trap them in Preston's magic cage, they get imprisoned in their own trap by Odius who revives the Prism and uses her evil magic to make it create new Power Stars with Badonna and Smellephant but the Rangers break the spell and they get new Ninja Power Stars, allowing them to morph once more. Smellephant then fights them but is crippled by the Ninja Blaster Whiplash and killed by a combination of Lion Fire Red's Lion Fire Flame Strike and Levi's Ninja Star Morpher. Cosmo gigantifies him so Brody summons the Lion Fire Megazord. Smellephant tries to paralyze it with his eye beams but the Megazord turns around and uses the seat for the Ninja Ultrazord to reflect it back. Smellephant is paralyzed and helpless as he is then destroyed by the Lion Fire Slash Final Attack.


Smellephant was a ruthless monster who did anything in his power to steal the Ninja Power Stars and was very loyal to Madame Odius and Badonna.

Powers and Abilities


  • Eye Beams: Smellephant could fire devastating yellow colored energy beams from his eyes which were powerful enough to blast away the Gold, Yellow, Blue, Pink, and White Rangers.
    • Paralysis: When giant, Smellephant's eye beams could also paralyze his victims but it was reflected back onto him which froze him.


  • Super Smell: Smellephant had a great sense of smell, allowing him to smell the Ninja Nexus Prism from the Warrior Dome despite it being in outer space.
  • Suction: Smellephant could suck things up with his trunk as shown as he was able to absorb the stench from Victor and Monty's spray into his nose with no ill effects.
  • Strength: Smellephant was quite strong, easily overpowering all six of the Ninja Steel Rangers during their first battle.
  • Durability-Smellephant survived the Ninja Blaster Whiplash attack without a scratch.


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  • Fists: Whilst Smellephant lacked any weapons, he could still fight with his bare hands.

Behind the Scenes



  • His design combined an elephant and a purse.


  • His name was a pun on smell and elephant.


  • In Ninninger, Smellephant fought and defeated the Ninja Steel and Bull Rider Megazords before fighting and losing to the Lion Fire Megazord.
    • This was cut due to a change in power which would make no sense given his skillset in Power Rangers. In Ninninger, he had the power to steal people's hopes and dreams but did not in Power Rangers and they could not get around this because the beams had no effect on the actual Megazords.


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