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"Wanna fight? This will be easy peasy."
―Smashstone's first words to Amelia.[src]

"You thought that was bad, Rangers? Well buckle up. I've got some hard knocks coming your way."
―Smashstone as he cornered Amelia and a defeated Izzy and Javi.[src]

"Genius idea, boss man! I'll rock 'em, I'll sock 'em! Oh yeah!"
―Smashstone upon hearing Void Knight's divide and conquer plan.[src]

"Get ready. This mountain's about to reach new heights!"
―Smashstone when he grew.[src]

―Smashstone's final words before his reversion to a Sporix Egg.[src]

Smashstone was a rock troll-themed Sporix Beast and the sixth Sporix Beast from the Sporix Army to awaken. He served as the main antagonist of the episode "Superstition Strikes."



Over 65 million years ago, Smashstone and the other Sporix Beasts invaded Rafkon, the home planet of Zayto. Though he and his fellow Knights of Rafkon fought hard, the Sporix ravaged Rafkon and removed all traces of life from the planet. The Sporix then turned their attention to Earth but Zayto and the remaining Knights had managed to escape Rafkon and tracked the Sporix Beasts to Earth where they engaged them in battle with the help of the dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. The Morphin Masters arrived and bestowed the Morphin Grid's powers to Zayto and his followers, as the first Dino Fury Power Rangers, which gave them the advantage they need to defeat the Sporix Beasts and seal them inside of their eggs.

Dino Fury

When the other Sporix are accidentally released in the modern day during Void Knight's invasion of Dinohenge, Smashstone's egg is amongst the Sporix that escape. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Destination Dinohenge

Birth of Smashstone

Smashstone later hatches at the Pine Ridge Park and is immediately confronted by Amelia. However, Smashstone's rock lasers prove to be too much for Amelia to handle and she is forcibly demorphed after a direct hit which damages her Dino Fury Morpher beyond repair. The rest of the Rangers arrive to help but, when Smashstone fires at an unmorphed Amelia, she blocks the attack with a trash can lid only for it to be redirected at the Rangers and knock out Izzy and Javi. Zayto and Ollie fight against Smashstone with the former attacking with a T-Rex Fury Strike but he absorbs the attack and redirects it at him. At the same time, Mucus steals Amelia's damaged Morpher and convinces Smashstone to retreat back to Area 62 for a new plan. At Area 62, Void Knight commands Smashstone to launch an attack to keep the Rangers focused on him to lure them away from their base so that Boomtower can teleport into Stonehenge without any interference from the Rangers to steal the Sporix. Smashstone compliments Void Knight, calling him a genius and says that he'll rock and sock the Rangers.

Smashstone is later seen attacking an industrial site, following Void Knight's plan to distract the Rangers whilst Boomtower infiltrates Dinohenge. The Rangers confront him but his continual use of his lasers makes it difficult for them to get to him up close. The fight takes a turn when Amelia, who has stayed behind at the chamber for her newly built Morpher, teleports Boomtower to the area, foiling their plans. Despite that, Smashstone grows giant sized in a fit of rage and soon fights against the T-Rex Champion Zord Battle Mode, absorbing its Bite Blast and firing it right back at it. The Rangers reconfigure to the Dino Fury Megazord Hammer Formation but Smashstone's rock-like skin still made their strikes ineffective. Then, through sheer luck, Amelia sets off a chain of events that leads to debris clogging up his volcano arms, preventing him from firing against the Rangers. He is then defeated by the Mega Hammer Slam and reverted back to his Sporix Cell form. Izzy uses the Elasto Dino Key to claim it before Boomtower has a chance to get it. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Superstition Strikes

Later on, Smashstone's Sporix alongside Vypeera, Draknarok, the one Boomtower took, and Roostafa are seen in the containment unit when Slyther tries to steal them. He ultimately fails and her Sporix Egg remains in Dinohenge. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Phoning Home


Smashstone seemed to be a gruff speaking monster who spoke in a Russian accent. He was an arrogant brute who liked to take on the Rangers with his abilities and believed that he could easily defeat them. He did seem to have a sense of humor however and enjoyed making jokes such as how he could take a mint to get rid of his breath or why people were running away from him like he's some kind of monster.

Powers and Abilities


  • Durability: Due to his rock-like skin, Smashstone was extremely durable.
  • Teleportation: Smashstone could teleport to any location in a vertical column of purple energy.
  • Enlarging: Smashstone could enlarge himself at will with the energy he gained in battle over time.


  • Reflexes: Smashstone was able to swiftly dodge the Dino Fury Megazord Hammer Formation's hammer swings without much effort.


  • Blockage: When Amelia clogged up the holes on his arms, Smashstone was unable to absorb and reflect his opponents' attacks.


  • Volcano Arms: Smashstone had miniature volcanos on each arm which he could use as shields.
    • Rock Lasers: Smashstone could shoot out red rock-shaped lasers from his arms.
    • Power Absorption and Redirection: Smashstone could absorb any of his opponents' powers into his arms and send them back.

Behind the Scenes




  • His name was a portmanteau of smash and stone.


  • Smashstone was used to rectify a mistake in Ryusoulger. The Dino Fury Megazord Hammer Formation did not debut until after Boomtower's Sentai counterpart which would not make much sense as Boomtower was defeated by the Megazord combining all the Zords' powers and given they show formations like the Dino Fury Megazord Spike and Claw Formations beforehand, it wouldn't make sense to show the Blade and Hammer Formations as being preestablished when they weren't since they debuted much later. Due to Dino Fury's story needing to showcase this formation beforehand, they used Smashstone to make it believable that all four formations combined into one, so they adapted Smashstone's episode much earlier.


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