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"Ravi, my name's Smash! (gorilla vocalizations) Bring it in!"
―Smash introduces himself to Ravi.[src]

"Aw! But I like hugs."
―Smash didn't even get to hug Ravi.[src]

"Group Hug!"
―Smash's love of hugs.[src]

"Smash linked!"
―Smash linking to the Wheeler Zord[src]

"Oh! Oh my. You've never hugged me before, Ravi."

Smash as the controls to the Wheeler Zord.

Smash is the robotic gorilla companion of Ravi Shaw, the Blue Beast Morphers Ranger. He assists Ravi in training and serves as the interface for the Wheeler Zord.


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Smash has been shown to enjoy hugs, and if someone say he/she is not a hugging-type, he feels disappointed when he doesn't receive or give out hugs. He is also a bit goofy, as he got a blue drink for the Blue Ranger.

Powers and Abilities

  • Super Strength: Fused with Gorilla DNA, Smash has super strength, allowing him to punch a human really far, as seen In A Friend Indeed.
  • Super Durability: Smash has extremely thick skin that allows him to withstand attacks, such as a wind blast from Turbotron's chest fan in "Gorilla Art".
  • Zord Control: Smash is both the control console of the Wheeler Zord and the way for Ravi to interface with it. As heavily implied in the episode "A Friend Indeed", Scrozzle wanted to control the Beast-X Megazord by having Railtron steal Smash's data along with those of the other Beast Bots. Smash can also control the Wheeler Zord remotely without Ravi's aid.
  • Wind Resistance: Smash can resist being affected by Turbotron's wind blast.
  • Beast-X Mode Transformation: Using the Beast-X Visor, Smash can digitize himself to form tough armor around Ravi to form his Beast-X Mode.


  • Metal Fists: Although he never uses them, Smash is armed with large metal fists.

Beast-X Mode

Beast-X Mode Blue Ranger

As Ravi uses the Beast-X Visor, Smash can transform into data that can transfer and project into the Blue Beast-X Morph-X Key and combines himself with the suit to form a powerful armor known as Beast-X Mode. Ravi and Smash gains a new attack ability called "Gorilla Slam" which allows both of them to absorb any element that can be formed and used against Robotrons.[1]

Appearances: BM S2 Episodes 5, 8, 9, 15-17, 21, 22

Behind the Scenes


  • Smash can be considered the first character voiced by Charlie McDermott who plays an ally to the Power Rangers rather than a villain.
  • Smash was called "Paint-Bot 3000" by Betty and "Vincent Van Gorilla" by Blaze in episode 16.
  • In his debut episode, Smash's voice had a robotic tone but starting in episode 3, he doesn't seem to have it.


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