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"Greetings, all. I am Slyther, a master of illusion."
―Slyther's first words upon being activated.[src]

"I'm really *changes back into his real form* Slyther. Hold for applause."
―Slyther revealing himself to Zayto.[src]

Slyther is a robotic chess bishop/circus ringmaster-based general in Power Rangers Dino Fury. He is Void Knight's third general and his new second-in-command following Boomtower's demise, as well as one of the secondary antagonists of the show.

Character History


Slyther is activated.

Slyther was created by Void Knight and Mucus, with the latter placing the data on the Rangers and their base into the new robot while the former installed a Sporix into him to help him grow giant, having learned from Boomtower that a robot installed with a Sporix can enlarge. When he was activated, his first words were a direct introduction and demonstration of his powers. He appeared to be jovial, but didn't care about Mucus being his creator or her request to be friends, but he was interested in helping Void Knight with a plan to use his illusion abilities to fool the Rangers to steal their Sporix. From there, Slyther snuck over to Dinohenge, overseeing Zayto and Solon creating an intercom to communicate with Rafkon, which Slyther planned to take advantage of. He later returned to the same place, having transformed into a Rafkonian woman named Arla and met the Rangers, Zayto especially being happy that someone did manage to hear the message. Pretending to have Zayto's abilities to gain their trust, he was let into the base, with the intent of stealing the Sporix. However, Solon did not allow it and after everyone left the room, Slyther changed back into his true form and contacted Void Knight, informing him and Mucus that he was able to enter the base.

Slyther as Roostafa.

Slyther was discovered by Solon and they had a confrontation, but Solon was defeated and Slyther returned to the base to steal the Sporix. Thankfully, Zayto figured out something was suspicious and stopped him before he could obtain the Sporix. In the ensuing fight, Slyther tried to destroy Zayto, but was saved by the Rangers. Zayto managed to defeat the robotic general, but before he could be destroyed, he transformed into Roostafa, necessitating the Megazord. When defeated in his giant form, he ended up being electrocuted, frying his memories completely. However, Mucus was able to locate him and after using his amnesia to convince him to be her friend, they returned to Area 62.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Phoning Home

Slyther as Void Knight.

At some point, Slyther gets his memory back, for he and Mucus manage to find Bogshell, whom they recruit on their quest to rebuild their, only for the three of them to be discovered by Javi and Izzy in Evergreen Park. He sees them there, and shows the new Sporix Beast how he deals with Rangers before blasting them with his staff.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Super Hotshot


Slyther is very deceptive, being able to fool Zayto by pretending to be a Knight of Rafkon. He is also very dramatic and showy, loudly announcing his attacks while battling the Rangers, and introducing himself like an announcer introducing a stage act. He also has a habit of reviewing his opponents and their attacks as if critiquing a stage performance. At first he didn't seem to care that Mucus had created him and brushed her aside, making fun of her for wanting him as a friend while appearing to be loyal to Void Knight and faking to give Mucus a high five to embarrass her. After he was defeated as Roostafa and fell into some power lines, he appeared to have amnesia and due to this, Mucus tricked him into being her friend to which he gladly accepted, possibly meaning he has a much more caring side now following his memory loss.

Powers and Abilities


  • Illusion Manipulation: Slyther can create, shape and manipulate illusions, causing people to see, hear, and touch nonexistent things.
    • Shapeshifting: Slyther can disguise himself to look like a different person, such as Arla and a giant Roostafa.
      • Voice Manipulation: While in any of his disguised forms, Slyther can manipulate his voice to make it sound different.
  • Teleportation: Slyther is able to teleport in a vertical column of blue or purple energy.
  • Hengemen Summoning: Slyther can summon Hengemen to aid him and Sporix Beasts under his command in battle.
  • Enlarging: Being powered by a Sporix, Slyther can enlarge himself although he has yet to do so, but he did enlarge via transforming into Roostafa. However, it's unknown if he can do this while in his real form.


  • Vulnerability to Electricity: Slyther can be harmed by electricity, which can wipe his memories.


  • Microphone Staff: Slyther wields a microphone-style staff for close combat that can be used like a sword.
    • Communication: Slyther can use the microphone part of his staff to communicate with others.
    • Paralysis Ball: Slyther's staff can fire purple energy balls that can paralyze any victim if hit on contact.
  • Communicator: Slyther briefly stole Solon's communicator to teleport into the Rangers' base.

Sporix Beasts

  • Roostafa (used his likeness as a disguise to battle the Rangers' Megazord)
  • Bogshell (first Sporix Beast to work under him)

Behind the Scenes




  • Slyther's name is a portmanteau of the words "sly" and "slither".


  • Just like his Sentai counterpart, Slyther is able to shapeshift into multiple forms.
  • Currently he possesses one Sporix within him, courtesy of Void Knight, who gave it to him to have the ability to grow and for possible enhanced power which Boomtower had demonstrated.
  • He is the second of Void Knight's generals to grow giant via transforming himself into Roostafa to accomplish this and survive the Megazord battle like his predecessor, Boomtower. It is unknown if Slyther can grow giant while as himself.
    • Additionally, he is also the second member of the Sporix Army after Boomtower to be a robot.
  • Despite Void Knight hinting at his creation at the end of "Cut Off", it seemed Mucus was heavily involved in the creation of Slyther as well though she took full credit for creating him. In the Sentai, Slyther's counterpart was not created by Mucus' counterpart, but they were great friends which is what Mucus wants with Slyther.
  • Slyther shares his name with a hostile alien species that featured in the 1960s Doctor Who serial The Dalek Invasion of Earth.


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