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"Greetings, all. I am Slyther, a master of illusion."
―Slyther's first words upon being activated.[src]

"Fine, you caught me. I'm really *changes back into his real form* Slyther. Hold for applause."
―Slyther revealing himself to Zayto.[src]

"Oh dear...."
―Slyther's catchphrase.[src]

Slyther is a robotic bishop/ringmaster-based general in Power Rangers Dino Fury, Void Knight's third general, his new second-in-command following Boomtower's demise, and one of the secondary antagonists of the show.


Dino Fury Season 1

Slyther is activated.

Slyther is created by Void Knight and Mucus, with the latter placing the data on the Rangers and their base into the new robot whilst the former installs a Sporix into him to help him grow giant, having learned from Boomtower that a robot installed with a Sporix can enlarge. When he is activated, his first words are a direct introduction and demonstration of his powers. He appears to be jovial but doesn't care about Mucus being his creator or her request to be friends but he is interested in helping Void Knight with a plan to use his illusion abilities to fool the Rangers so he can steal their Sporix. From there, Slyther sneaks over to Dinohenge, overseeing Zayto and Solon creating an intercom to communicate with Rafkon, which Slyther planned to take advantage of. He later returned to the same place, having transformed into a Rafkonian woman named Arla and met the Rangers, Zayto especially being happy that someone from his world did manage to hear the message. Pretending to have Zayto's abilities to gain their trust, the robot was let into the base, with the intent of stealing the Sporix. However, Solon did not allow it and after everyone left the room, Slyther changes back into his true form and contacts Void Knight, informing him and Mucus that he has entered the base.

Slyther is discovered by Solon and they have a confrontation but Solon is defeated and Slyther returns to the base to steal the Sporix. Thankfully, Zayto figures out something is wrong and stops him before he can obtain the Sporix. In the ensuing fight, Slyther tries to destroy Zayto but he is saved by the Rangers and Zayto manages to defeat the robotic general. However, Slyther transforms into a giant Roostafa but is defeated by the Dino Fury Megazord Warrior Formation's Mega Blast. Although Slyther survives, he ends up being electrocuted over a set of power lines which frys his memories completely. However, Mucus is able to locate him and, after using his amnesia to convince him to be her friend, they return to Area 62. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Phoning Home

Slyther as Void Knight.

At some point, Slyther gets his memory back for he and Mucus manage to find Fogshell who they recruit, only for the three of them to be discovered by Javi and Izzy in Evergreen Park. He sees them there and shows the new Sporix Beast how he deals with Rangers before blasting them with his staff. In addition, he finds an unhatched Sporix and delivers it to Void Knight. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Super Hotshot

Sometimes later, Slyther disguises himself as a human athlete but, upon hearing the Rangers' conversation, he heads to a safe spot to change back into his real form and calls Void Knight to discuss a plan that requires Fogshell's help. Slyther kidnaps Adrian to blackmail the Rangers into giving him all their Sporix in exchange for their friend. The Rangers give him their Sporix and free Adrian. Slyther takes their Sporix and sends Fogshell to fight them. The Rangers defeat Fogshell and Slyther tried to retrieve the monster's Sporix, but the Rangers catch it first, forcing him to flee. When he decided to do surprise Void Knight with what he got, the chest containing all the Sporix the Rangers collected so far disappeared. Void Knight suddenly realizes that it was an illusion and the Rangers tricked his generals. He becomes angry and punishes them both. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Matchmaker

Slyther and company meet Lord Zedd.

When a mysterious cloaked figure invades Area 62 to get the Sporix, Slyther confronts them alongside Void Knight and Mucus. However, the figure reveals himself to be Lord Zedd who easily defeats Slyther and Void Knight although his master Reaghoul then stops him to form an alliance. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Old Foes

Slyther disguises himself as Mr. Wiz to lure the Rangers into a trap and sends Tidemare to destroy them but he flees with Mucus when Aiyon the Gold Ranger awakens and defeats Tidemare soon after. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Storm Surge

After stealing a boat with a group of Hengemen, Slyther and Mucus use the parts to create a new general for Void Knight, Wreckmate, to destroy the Mosa Razor Zord but Wreckmate is eventually destroyed by the Mosa Razor Zord Battle Mode. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ancient History (Dino Fury)

After Mucus finds Trawler, they teleport to Area 62. Slyther and his comrades watch the BuzzBlast news showing the Gold Ranger won by the popularity. After Void Knight imagines a plan, Slyther disguises once more as a human to trick the Gold Ranger into calling his Zord for his fans. Soon after the Mosa Razor Zord's arrival, Trawler captures it. Void Knight rejoins Slyther and asks him if it is the same Zord that destroyed Wreckmate, which the general confirms. He tells his plan to his master: hypnotize the Mosa Razor Zord so it would only obey Void Knight and destroy the Rangers under his command. After Void Knight's departure, Slyther tries to hypnotize the Mosa Razor Zord, but Javi turns invisible using the Invisi Dino Key and destroys the Hengemen, allowing Aiyon to stop the hypnosis. The Mosa Razor Zord combines with the Dimetro Blazing Zord to form the Electro Zord who attacks Slyther, prompting the general to flee. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Our Hero

Slyther and Mucus encounter Boneswitch, who has the power to swap bodies. When they reach Area 62, the two generals show Void Knight the Beast's abilities and he does a test by swapping their bodies. Returning to their normal bodies, a disgusted Slyther retires to take a shower. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Makeover

On Void Knight's orders, Slyther releases Reaghoul who resurrects Boomtower to fight the Rangers. When Boomtower asks his master to give him a Sporix so he can enlarge, he refuses by saying he doesn't have any to spare. But at this moment, Mucus remarks to Slyther that he never used his Sporix so he can to give it Boomtower. Void Knight agrees and orders two Hengemen to restrain Slyther while Boomtower takes his Sporix. Slyther says that it is just a loan. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Waking Nightmares

Slyther and Mucus trapped in the Dark Dimension.

Mucus and Slyther (with Reaghoul and Boomtower) help Void Knight kidnap Dr. Akana, who is thrown into a vortex. Reaghoul also throws Mucus and Slyther in there with her after Void Knight leaves. When Zayto destroys Reaghoul and frees Dr. Akana, Mucus and Slyther are both left behind. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Void Trap

Mucus and Slyther manage to escape the Dark Dimension through unknown means and plan to avenge Void Knight by destroying the Rangers. Slyther steals Santa's Magic Sketchbook to create the Spider Sketch Monster and then a clone of him but both creations are destroyed by the Rangers. After their failure, Mucus and Slyther flee to Area 62. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Secret Santa

Dino Fury Season 2

Slyther and Mucus try to break into Void Knight secret room with a wrecking ball but this fails due to the door's strength. After Slyther is forced to reform Mucus (much to thier disgust), Void Knight (having survived his apparent death) contacts them them via a screen. When asking if that's the real Void Knight, Bitscreem teleports in and threatens to destroy them if they dare to question Void Knight again. Slyther and Bitscreem are later able to steal the Fix-it Key from the Ranger when he poses as a flower trolly owner and has Javi fix it with said Key only for Bitscreem to steal it. Later, Slyther and Mucus work as a distraction so that Bitscreem can steal back the Void Knight Saber. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Numero Uno

Mucus is horrified at the arrival of a seaweed creature at Area 62 but Slyther reassures her that it is just a Sporix Beast. However the being discards the seaweed, revealing himself to be none other than Wreckmate, who survived his previous Megazord battle and has returned to serve Void Knight. Although surprised at his creation’s return, Slyther is disgusted by his sea shanty and tells him to leave which leads to an argument and nearly a fight. Before they can brawl, Void Knight insists that they fight the Power Rangers and they agree to a contest where whoever kills the least Rangers has to leave forever. Slyther unveils a potion that will supercharge the drinker’s abilities for several minutes but Wreckmate snatches and drinks it instead before throwing Slyther across the room. Recovering, the two of them teleport away to attack the Rangers with Mucus helping. Upon arriving, they split up with Slyther and Mucus going to the downtown over-bridge so the Rangers split-up with Aiyon, Izzy and Javi going to fight Slyther. They morph and take Mucus out of the fight with a Mosa Blast so Slyther fights alone but is overwhelmed so he summons Hengemen and retreats until the three-retreat due Wreckmate’s intervention. Slyther then emerges to bicker with Wreckmate before they both withdraw. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Festival

After Occulo arrives in Area 62 and reveals his omni-directional vision and x-ray vision, Slyther reveals that he found an amulet that can erase memories in the base’s basement. The plan is that this will allow them to steal Sporix without the Rangers remembering where they were. He first uses it in an encounter with the Dino Fury Rangers and then returns a day later with Occulo and Mucus to collect more Sporix. Though they encounter the Rangers, he uses the amulet on them to make them think that they found a pickle before withdrawing. When they return later that day, Slyther learns that they have all of the Sporix in Pine Ridge before the Rangers arrive so he summons Hengemen., Once Occulo takes them down, Slyther uses the amulet to make them think that they found a giant teddy bear but Zayto (having previously been absent to look for Rafkon arrives on the Dino Fury Cycle. With it, he hits Slyther with Plasms Blasts until he tosses the amulet and destroys it which restores the Rangers. Angry, Slyther charges but Zayto uses the Light Key to take the general down and free his friends so the villainous trio send more Hengemen and retreat. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Missing Pieces


Slyther is very deceptive, being able to fool Zayto by pretending to be a Knight of Rafkon. He is also very dramatic and showy, loudly announcing his attacks while battling the Rangers, and introducing himself like an announcer introducing a stage act. He also has a habit of reviewing his opponents and their attacks as if critiquing a stage performance. At first, he didn't seem to care that Mucus had created him and brushed her aside, making fun of her for wanting him as a friend while appearing to be loyal to Void Knight and faking to give Mucus a high five to embarrass her. After he was defeated as Roostafa and fell into some power lines, he appeared to have amnesia and due to this, Mucus tricked him into being her friend to which he gladly accepted, possibly meaning he has a much more caring side now following his memory loss. Out of all of Void Knight's generals, Slyther is the smartest one, coming up with brilliant plans like using Ollie's desire for a new laptop to give him a hacked one so he could steal the data to find what was causing the storm or hacking into the Ranger Hotline to intercept Sporix Beast reports to catch Sporix before the Rangers which succeeded as he managed to steal one and recruit Fogshell before his plan was foiled. He is very loyal to Void Knight and upon learning his master was presumably destroyed by the Rangers, he planned to avenge him by destroying them.



Powers and Abilities


  • Durability: Slyther was electrocuted by powerlines and later repeatedly shot by the Dino Fury Cycle’s Plasma Blast but survived.
  • Illusion Manipulation: Slyther can create, shape and manipulate illusions, causing people to see, hear, and touch nonexistent things.
  • Shapeshifting: Slyther can change his physical shape and disguise himself as a different person, such as Arla and Roostafa.
    • Voice Manipulation: While in any of his disguised forms, Slyther can manipulate his voice to make it sound different.
  • Teleportation: Slyther is able to teleport in a vertical column of blue or purple energy.
  • Hengemen Summoning: Slyther can summon Hengemen to aid him and Sporix Beasts under his command in battle.
  • Enlarging: Being powered by a Sporix, Slyther can enlarge himself although he has yet to do so, but he did enlarge via transforming into Roostafa. However, it's unknown if he can do this while in his real form. In the episode "Waking Nightmares", he most likely lost this power after the Sporix was ripped out of him by a revived Boomtower.
  • Power Combination: Slyther can combine his enlarging and shapeshifting powers which allowed him to assume Roostafa's form while growing giant at the same time.
  • Shockwave Kick: Slyther can release light blue shockwaves with his kick.
Wizeru eyes.jpg
  • Hypnosis: Through his eyes after lifting his visor, Slyther can influence other people's minds to his command. He tried to do this on the Mosa Razor Zord but failed.
  • Fire Resistance: Slyther was able to resist being caught on fire by the Electro Zord’s lightning breath.
  • Item Summoning: Slyther can summon items into his hands, such as a paintbrush and an arm-mounted palette.
  • Levitation: Slyther was able to levitate as seen when he was drawing a giant copy of himself into Santa's sketchbook.


  • Leaping: Slyther can leap great distances.
  • Deception: Slyther can use his shapeshifting powers as a way of deceiving others.
  • Intelligence: Slyther appears to be very intelligent, being able to come up with ideas to trick the Rangers and later build robots.
  • Alchemy: Slyther was able to concoct a potion that can supercharge the drinker's abilities for a few minutes.


  • Forced Reversion: When Slyther is in any of his disguised forms, getting hit by a strong enough attack will force him to change back to his real form.
  • Vulnerability to Electricity: Slyther can be harmed by electricity, which can wipe out his memories.
  • Ineffective Hypnosis: Slyther's hypnosis ability is useless against those with a strong will, as seen when Aiyon stated that his Zord has always been loyal to him.


  • Microphone Staff: Slyther wields a microphone-style staff for close combat that can be used like a sword.
    • Communication: Slyther can use the microphone part of his staff to communicate with others.
    • Paralysis Ball: Slyther's staff can fire purple energy balls that paralyze any victim if hit on contact.
    • Energy Projectiles: Slyther can fire light blue energy projectiles from his staff in rapid succession.
    • Deflection: Slyther can deflect projectiles with his microphone staff.
    • Energy Empowerment: Slyther can charge up his microphone staff with clear blue energy and swing it at full force.
    • Decepto-Beam: Slyther's staff can fire a transparent violet energy beam to create illusions using Fogshell's fog.
    • Soundwaves: Slyther can fire red soundwaves from his staff as demonstrated by his giant clone created through Santa's magic sketchbook.
    • Jogging Pointy Strike: Slyther can jog with his staff pointed at his opponents to presumably stab them, but was blocked by Zayto.
  • Communicator: Slyther briefly stole Solon's communicator to teleport into the Rangers' base.
  • Hyper Hacker: Slyther used this device to hack into the Ranger Hotline. It was destroyed when he accidentally deflected a Dino Dagger at it.
  • Christmas Star Bomb: Slyther smuggled a Christmas star-shaped bomb that would destroy the Rangers' base in ten minutes.
Santa's Magic Sketchbook creating Giant Slyther.gif
  • Santa's Magic Sketchbook: Slyther stole Santa's magic sketchbook to create his own monsters, such as the Spider Sketch Monster and a giant copy of himself. It was destroyed by the Dino Fury Megazord Warrior Formation.
  • Memory Mix-Up Amulet: Slyther used a special amulet that can erase people's memories and replace them with fake ones. It was destroyed by Zayto.


Sporix Beasts
Other Monsters

Void Knight

Powers and Abilities


  • Slyther showed no powers in Void Knight's form.


  • Slyther showed no abilities in Void Knight's form.


  • Slyther showed no weaknesses in Void Knight's form.


  • Microphone Staff: Slyther retained his staff in this form.


  • Height: 184 cm → 45.1 m
  • Weight: 276 kg → 672.2 tons

Powers and Abilities


  • Flight: As Roostafa, Slyther could use his arms to lift himself off the ground and achieve flight.


  • Slyther had shown no abilities in Roostafa's form.


  • Blindness from Light: In his Roostafa form, Slyther was blinded by the bright light created from a reflective surface by the Dino Fury Megazord Warrior Formation through the Slick Dino Key.


  • Right Sickle Hand: Slyther had a sickle blade for his right hand in his Roostafa form, but he never used it.
  • Left Mace Hand: Slyther had a spiked mace for his left hand in his Roostafa form, but he never used it.


Behind the Scenes




  • Slyther's name was derived from the words "sly" and "slither", fitting his cunning nature and ability to sneak into places thanks to his disguises.
    • Slyther shared his name with a hostile alien species that featured in the 1960s Doctor Who serial The Dalek Invasion of Earth.


  • Despite Void Knight hinting at his creation at the end of "Cut Off", it seemed Mucus was heavily involved in making Slyther as well though she took full credit for creating him. In the Sentai, Slyther's counterpart was not created by Mucus' counterpart, but they were great friends which is what Mucus wants with Slyther.


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