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""Come on!""
―Slotsky reacting to the newly arrived Battle Borgs and his final words before his death.[src]

Slotsky was a magnet themed robot monster that served as the main antagonist of the episode "Climb Every Fountain."


Slotsky was originally a re-generator device made by Billy that was designed to restore the entire Ranger team. However, Goldar and the Tengas arrived and smashed it. Billy was the only one to regain his original age and the Ninja Power Coins (which were required to power the device) were destroyed by Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd's lightning. Zedd then created Slotsky out of the device and gave him the mission of killing the Alien Rangers. He wielded a magnet that took the Rangers' weapons from them. He used this to steal away the Aquitian Lasers and use them against the team. However, they vanished and Aurico turned the tide with his Aquitian Fist. Finding Slotsky completely useless, Rita and Zedd made him grow so the Rangers summoned their Battle Borgs. Slotsky was easily overpowered and killed by their Launch Sequence, not requiring the Shogun Megazord to defeat him.


Despite his cute "toy robot" appearance, Slotsky had a rather petulant, childish attitude and hated losing as seen when the Aquitians were beating the Tenga Warriors and after the Battle Borgs arrived.

Powers and abilities

  • Durability: Slotsky shrugged off punches from the White, Red, and Blue Battle Borgs with him just stumbling back.
  • Energy Blast: Slotsky can fire some kind of energy blast out of his right hand by opening the palm and pushing it forth.


  • Magnet Hand: Slotsky has a large red magnet instead of a right hand that he can use to smack his enemies with or steal away their metal weapons.
  • Aquitian Lasers-Slotsky was able to steal away Cestro and Tideus' Aquitian Lasers which he tried to kill the five with but they pulled a ninja trick to avoid it.


  • Slotsky was the only monster to be killed by the Battle Borgs since they were either completely ineffective against the monster and needed the Shogun Megazord or (in the case of Bratboy), the monster simply fled.


Behind the Scenes

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