This article is about a/an minor character in Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger.

Slorpean Faraway (スロープ星人ファラウェイ Surōpu Seijin Farawei, 30): Faraway is a small-time criminal who has an appearance similar to that of a Ganguro girl, who Ban could not stand. She was given a mysterious gem by Abrella. Upon her arrival on Earth, she was captured by SPD. However, using her kind's talent of hacking, she escaped from the Deka Base and met up with her old boyfriend, presenting the gem to him. After being caught up with by the team, Agent Abrella arrived and revealed that the gem was a targeting device for a devastating missile after Faraway ate it. Her boyfriend once again dumped her in fear of being killed by the missile. To add insult to injury, the Igaroid that Abrella sent out noted her life isn't worth anything, but Ban stuck up for her. After Ban and the Dekaranger team stopped Abrella's Anaroids from jetsioning Faraway to space before quickly destroying the missile with Deka Base Robo, Faraway was pardoned for her part as she began to flirt with Ban, much to his dismay.

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