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"Hu ha! Hu! Prepare to get shell shocked, Rangers."
―Slogre's first words after being summoned by Galvanax.[src]

"Slowly but surely didn't win the race! Huggh!"
―Slogre's final words before his initial defeat.[src]

"I always knew I'd make it big!"
―Slogre after being gigantified.[src]

"This isn't good!"
―Slorge's final words before his destruction.[src]


Slogre was a turtle/fire extinguisher-themed monster who served as the main antagonist of the episode "Presto Change-O."


Rather than fight all five Rangers and risk losing his fans after relentless mocking from Sarah and Hayley, Galvanax brings in Slogre, a turtle-like monster to fight them instead. The Rangers morph and they take Slogre on along with an army of Kudabots. Whilst Hayley, Calvin and Sarah Rangers take on the Kudabots, Brody takes on Slogre, but he is outmatched. However, the other Rangers are able to make a beatdown on the monster only for him to use his slow mist breath on them to disable them. He encounters Preston and, right before he could strike Calvin, is struck in the back by the Preston's Ninja Fire Attack, causing a great deal of harm on the monster and forcing him to flee right into the water though he does return to tell the Buzzcams that the mist will slow down the three Rangers and that he will get the Power Stars then.

Slogre later returns to happily see the the three frozen Rangers "feeling sluggish" due to his mist. The Rangers are about to morph but, due to how slow they are, Slogre is easily able to steal their Power Stars one-by-one. But, before he can finish off the three Rangers and escape with the Power Stars, Brody and Preston appear with the latter being able to use his newly acquired magic to tie up Slogre and stop him, allowing the Red Ranger to take back the Power Stars. He breaks free and fights the two but they use the Ninja Metal Attack to clobber Slogre with falling metal pans. They then use the Red and Blue Ninja Spirit Steel Slash Final Attack to obliterate Slogre which frees the other Rangers from his spell. However, the Galaxy Warriors audience votes to give him another chance so he is gigantified by Cosmo Royale. The Rangers summon the Ninja Steel Zords to form the Ninja Steel Megazord and has the upper hand at first but Slogre takes flight and blasts them. Brody attempts to use his Robo Red Zord Sky Sprint to take Slogre on head first but is hit by the mist attack and is beaten down by Slogre. Seeing his friend in trouble, Preston uses his Dragon Zord to blast Slogre and save the Robo Red Zord and Brody. The Rangers then try out the new Ninja Steel Megazord Dragon Formation and obliterate Slogre with the the Dragon Lighting Final Attack. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Presto Change-O

Slogre is among the defeated monsters that had to be faced off against in the "Grave Robber" board game that Cosmo Royale operats. Slogre attacks the Rangers with the Kudabots and hits Sarah, Preston, Calvin, and Hayley with his slow mist again. Before Brody can attack, Cosmo Royale ends the fight and tells them that they won a Misfortune Card which will make their next fight harder. Cosmo Royale reads that the next fight will be a solo fight. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Grave Robber


A goofy, yet somewhat cunning warrior, Slogre took every opportunity to outwit his opponents before swiping away their weapons and striking them and was very loyal to Galvanax.

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation: Slogre was able to teleport in a yellow-green beam.
  • Slow Mist Breath: Slogre could breathe out a mist from his mouth that caused anything exposed to them to start moving slower then a snail and even talk slower with their voices getting deeper. The spell was be removed when he was destroyed.
  • Extraordinary Leaper: Slogre could leap at an incredible distance.
  • Water Adaptation: Slogre was able to breathe through water.
  • Slow Mist Attack: Slogre could fire mists from his hands to slow his enemies down. They were similar to the ones fired from his mouth but larger and stronger and he could even increase their size to make them stronger.
  • Slow Mist Ball: Slogre was able to create a mist-like energy ball which he could blow at his enemies that will make them talk and move slower.
    • Double Power: Slogre could create two Slow Mist Balls to strengthen their effects.


  • Sumo Proficiency: Slogre was shown to be adept at sumo wrestling.
  • Self-Propelled Flight: Once enlarged, Slogre demonstrated that he was able to jettison foam through the nozzles draping from the back end of his shell in order to fly.


  • Vulnerability to Fire: Slogre could be harmed by fire-based attacks such as the fire breath generated by the small blue energy dragon Preston created around his arm.


  • Armored Gauntlets: Slogre had armored gauntlets on his forearms which he could use to block his enemies' attacks or as clubs.

Behind the Scenes



to be added


  • Slogre's name comes from the words "Slow" and "Ogre".


  • Slogre was the only monster to be destroyed by the Ninja Steel Megazord Dragon Formation.


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