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"Where are they? Let me at ‘em. Let me at ‘em!"
―The Slippery Shark's first words upon being created.[src]

"Missed me!"
―The Slippery Shark after being grown as the Power Blaster manages to somehow completely miss him.[src]

"My fin! My fin! You're gonna pay for that! Hurgh! Or maybe not? Huh?!"
―The Slippery Shark after the Megazord destroyed his Boomerang Fin and then when it brings it's Power Sword to bear as well as his final words before his destruction.[src]

The Slippery Shark was a hammerhead-shark monster who served as the main antagonist of the episode "On Fins and Needles."


The Slippery Shark was created by Finster in a plan to cause a divide between Jason and Tommy and thus divide the Power Rangers which would make them easier to destroy. The Slippery Shark's weapon was a fin on a chain that he wielded it like a sword where his friendship powers were concentrated. Somehow, before he was created, Rita sent the Putty Patrol and equipped them with the monster's boomerang and turned the duo against each other although not before getting defeated. Rita then had Finster create the Slippery Shark and sent him to Earth and he went berserk although his speed meant that neither Alpha nor Zordon could get a lock on him. They tore Jason and Tommy away from a martial arts brawl and Zordon sent them together alone to hunt down the Slippery Shark in order to overpower the rivalry spell.

Jason appeared first but the monster used his speed to cut him down before going underground, Jason trying and failing to take him out using his Blade Blaster. He then ploughed through Jason and exited the ground before teleporting away, forcing Jason to play catch-up. He then confronted Tommy nearby, overwhelming him by staying underground and ramming out his feet before jumping up and slashing him down. He then dove back underground and took him down once more before zipping away. They took into pursuit but he fully went underground, making them meet up so he could punch them both down. They eventually mended fences and tricked him into jumping out of the ground, restraining him with a net they got from nowhere which restrained him enough to force him to beg. They refused but only had time to shake hands before the monster produced his boomerang and immediately cut himself free. Although he initially had the upper hand against Jason and Tommy, the spell was broken so the other Rangers arrived and joined their comrades. Even though he was now heavily outnumbered, the Slippery Shark held his own and cut down the other four only to be jump punched down by Jason and Tommy. Now angry, the monster tried his underground tactic again but Zack used his Power Axe in Cannon Mode on the ground, ejecting the Slippery Shark.

With the monster stunned, the Rangers formed the Power Blaster which horrified the monster but Rita enlarged him and the finishing beam somehow missed him entirely. The Rangers then summoned the Megazord and the Dragonzord but the monster easily dodged and outmanoeuvred the Zords, ducking even the Dragonzord's tail and a bunch from the Megazord before kicking the latter back. Annoyed, Jason summoned the Power Sword but even this equalizer could not turn the tide since the monster just rolled right under it and slashed the Megazord anyway. However, Billy reminded Jason about teamwork and a smack to the head from the Dragonzord's tail took down the Slippery Shark and allowed the Megazord to gain the upper hand. The monster swore to turn the Megazord "into fish bait" but got slashed down the shoulder by the Power Sword although not before the Megazord did the same. The Megazord then knocked his fin up and then brought down the Power Sword so he had to block with his boomerang but it was cut straight through the middle and effectively rendered him helpless. Enraged, he swore revenge but was scared when the Megazord charged up it's weapon only to be slain by an energised slash, dancing around for a moment before falling flat on his back and exploding. Tvicon.png TV STORY-On Fins and Needles

Some months later, Trumpet Top summoned an illusionary Slippery Shark to wear out the Power Rangers enough that Lord Zedd would easily be able to destroy them. The Saliguana joined the Soccadillo and the Stag Beetle in fighting Kimberly and Trini only for the former to kick him in the side so he went down. Due to not really being there however, the Grumble Bee alongside the Saliguana, the Fighting Flea, the Soccadillo, the Rhinoblaster, the Mantis, the Stag Beetle and the Slippery Shark managed to "beat them" until they were worn out completely. However, Zordon saw through the plan, making the illusionary monsters cease to exist. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park

Later, the Slippery Shark (just referred to as "The Shark Monster") was revived by Lord Zedd along with other aquatic monsters such as Commander Crayfish, Pirantishead and Goo Fish to make up his Fish Army. However, he was quickly done in by the White Ranger wielding Saba. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Reel Fish Story

The Slippery Shark is later among the monsters that attend Master Vile's End of the World Party around a year later. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Master Vile and the Metallic Armor

Three years later, the Slippery Shark was later among the monsters seen in the Machine Empire's army. He was presumably recreated by Finster and given to King Mondo's army as an act of good will only to be destroyed by Zordon's Energy Wave. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Countdown to Destruction

6 years later, Tommy would reference the Slippery Shark by declaring "Oh man! I hate shark monsters!" when he came up against Megalador. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ocean Alert


Just like Rita's other monsters, Slippery Shark was cunning, intelligent, resourceful and manipulative. He made a good plan on defeating the Rangers, by using a spell on Jason and Tommy, to make them rivals. However, the Shark was somehow cowardly, as he tried to trick the Rangers and ran from them and didn't even try to put up a fight when the Megazord cut apart his fin. However, above all else, he was also however faithful to Rita and Zedd.

Powers and abilities

  • Strength:Single strikes from the Slippery Shark's fin (or even claws) could send Jason and Tommy flying and he jumped up through the solid ground with a single bound.
  • Durability-The Slippery Shark was immune to hits from Jason's Blade Blaster and, when giant, a smack to the face from the Dragonzord's tail and a slash down the shoulder from the Power Sword had little effect.
  • Speed: Being a shark monster, the Slippery Shark was able to outrun the scanners in the Command Center and jumped around fast enough to stun Jason.
  • Agility: The Slippery Shark was extremely fast and agile to the point of being able to duck and dodge the Megazord's Power Sword, even rolling right under it.
  • Underground Swimming: The Slippery Shark can slip underground to perform either a surprise attack or a strike which could knock down any of the Rangers in one hit.


  • Boomerang Fin: The Slippery Shark has a big blue razor sharp fin similar to Scorpina's to aid him in combat.
    • Friendship Destruction: The Slippery Shark's fin was able to make Tommy and Jason intense rivals simply by having each one of them hold it.
  • Claws-The Slippery Shark also possessed razor sharp claws that took down Jason with a single glancing hit.

Behind The Scenes


  • In his first appearance, the Slippery Shark was voiced by Steve Kramer who gave him a similar voice to the Gnarly Gnome although with an added watery effect added over his voice. In his second, the "Shark Monster" was voiced by producer Scott Page-Pagter.


  • The Soccadillo comes from what is commonly referred to as "Zyu2" footage, and was not seen in the original Zyuranger.
    • According to Jeff Pruitt, the stunt director, Slippery Shark had footage of him flying, but was cut out because the wires were visible. Said footage is not available online and the only evidence of this is his word.
      • Although the Shark flying is alluded to in the episode itself, the only part actually shown is him jumping out of the ground or jumping around.
  • The Slippery Shark was the only monster faced by the Power Blaster who was never actually hit by it (since it somehow managed to miss him).
  • The Slippery Shark's weapon is the only Evil Space Alien weapon actually named in Season 1 (including even the main villains). Said naming occurred in the line "who wants to take on me and my Boomerang Fin?" after breaking out of that net.
  • The Slippery Shark was one of only three monsters in the original three seasons to completely lack projectile attacks, the others being The Giant and the Ravenator.
  • The 5 inch figure released of this monster in the first season toyline did not come with the boomerang he used in the show. Instead, the toy came with a wrist-mounted gun.