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"He he he! Name's Slicertron! I can cut anything! What did you have in mind?"
―Slicertron's first words upon being created.[src]

"He he he! Time to put my saws to use."
―Slicertron after hearing that the Rangers' Wristcoms are out in the open.[src]

"Looks like I've been left on the chopping block!"
―Slicertron's final words before his death.[src]

Slicertron is a circular saw-themed Robotron created by Blaze in Power Rangers Beast Morphers, and the primary villain of the episode "Taking Care of Business".

A circular saw being infected to create him.

Character History

Slicertron was created by Blaze when he infected a circular saw. He was tasked to use his saw blades to to cut into Morph-X Towers and steal the Morph-X. Commander Shaw tried to call Devon but he was busy at a carwash with Mayor Daniels and had taken it off to prevent frying it. In spite of this, Ravi and Zoey still arrived in a Grid Battleforce SUV so Slicertron fired saws at them but they dodged the blades and morphed before Blaze did the same thing and took on the two, Slicertron fighting Zoey. However, Blaze easily overpowered them and Slicertron crushed them under a piece of scaffolding. Before he could kill them though, Devon finally arrived and used his super speed to clear away the debris. After Blaze mocked him for almost letting his teammates die, Ravi and Zoey summoned their Beast-X Blasters and shot the two whilst Devon rushed forth and took them both down with a devastating slash to their middles. Weakened, outnumbered, and outgunned, Blaze teleported himself and Slicertron back to the Cyber Dimension.

Later on, Scrozzle had the idea to take the Rangers out of the battle by removing their link to Commander Shaw so Blaze and Slicertron went to the carwash and the Robotron destroyed the Rangers' communicators while they were working. This resulted in 300 tons of Morph-X being stolen without the Rangers even knowing of this until Commander Shaw personally came to the car wash and informed them of the news. The Rangers then cut off Blaze and his Robotron before they reached the tower in Sector Kilo 1-5 and they morphed before they fought the two. Although they started losing to Blaze's swordsmanship, Ravi took him down with his super strength and forced him to retreat. However, the Avatar abandoned Slicertron on Earth and the Robotron was ganged up on by the Rangers, who forced him into the park. Meanwhile, Scrozzle used Slicertron's data and his new Gamma Model Gigadrone to create Slicerdrone, who was sent to cut into the Morph-X Tower that Blaze and his Robotron had been trying to get to. It arrived shortly after the Rangers blasted down Slicertron, forcing Devon to leave and fight it in his Racer Zord so the remaining two Rangers took on Slicertron themselves. They overwhelmed him with their Beast-X Sabers but were hurt when they grabbed him but were struck by the saws on his back. He then fired forth a barrage of saws like before but this time, they were all caught by the duo's Beast-X Sabers and sent back, stunning the Robotron so they charged and took him down. They then destroyed Slicertron for good with their Beast-X Blasters' Beast-X Blasts, Slicertron moaning that he was left to die before slumping forward and exploding. Slicerdrone was shut down by the Racer Zord and the Gigadrone was transported to a secret hanger. It was later freed by Roxy and Meltatron only to be destroyed by the Beast-X Megazord's Beast-X Hyper Strike alongside Meltadrone. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Taking Care of Business

Slicertron, Spiketron, Keytron, and Antennatron were all recreated by Venjix (Evox's true identity) to fight the Rangers in Sub Level 1 of Grid Battleforce HQ. They took on the Rangers, Slicertron fighting Steel, but the entire group (Slicertron and Spiketron) was destroyed by a massive shockwave from Evox. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Source Code


Slicertron speaks almost entirely in saw and blade based puns but is also a coward as he was worried about Blaze's sudden exit.

Powers and Abilities


  • Saw Barrage: Slicertron can launch a barrage of saws from around himself.


  • Strength: Slicertron is one of the stronger Robotrons for an early Robotron, as he overpowered the Rangers on a few occasions and a single strike from his saw arm made Ravi and Zoey stumble back during a fight in the park.
  • Hand to Hand Combatant: Slicertron is a very skilled hand-to-hand combatant, being able to match Zoey and Ravi in a two on one combat.
  • Headbutt: Slicertron can perform a headbutt to bash his enemies.


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  • Armor: Slicertron has thick metal armor covering his skin to withstand many attacks to the point that Zoey and Ravi's Beast X Blasters had no effect on him and even having his own saw blades sent back at him seemed to have no effect.
  • Right Saw Arm: Slicertron has a saw for his right arm which can be used to cut solid objects such as a Morph-X Tower or fight against his enemies.
    • Energy Empowerment: Slicertron can charge up his saw arm with red energy to slash at full force. When fighting in the city plaza, whilst Mayor Daniels was watching them, this knocked back Ravi.
    • Throwing Saw Projection: Slicertron can also launch out saws as projectiles at full speed toward his enemies from his saw arm.
  • Head Saws: Slicertron also has saws on top of his head, which he can activate if his enemies are holding onto there.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Slicertron is the first Robotron to appear in the Cyber Dimension.

    Slicertron as he appears in new footage.

  • Slicertron is one of the Robotrons to appear with a Gigadrone at the same time.
  • The idea of Slicertron being able to launch out saw blades is reminiscent of Metal Man from Mega Man 2.
  • Slicertron is the first monster in Power Rangers Beast Morphers to have a projectile/range-type attack not to be made out of energy, as the previous three monsters, Cycletron, Needletron, and Shoveltron all had projectile/range attacks be made out of energy.
    • Instead, Slicertron launched out saw blades as a projectile/range-type attack.
  • Slicertron's recreated suit used in new footage lacks the "Vaglass" emblem on its chest, which is visible in the Go-Busters fight footage.


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