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"He he he! Name's Slicertron! I can cut anything!"
―Slicertron's first lines.[src]

"Looks like I've been left on the chopping block!"
―Slicertron's last words before his death.[src]

Slicertronsaw create

A circular saw being infected to create him.

Slicertron is a circular saw-themed Robotron created by Blaze from a curcular saw in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

Character History

Slicertron was a Robotron created by Blaze when he infected a circular saw. He was tasked to use his baw blades to to cut into Morph-X towers and steal the Morph-X. While the rangers were at the car wash, Slicertron destroyed there coms. This resulted in 300 tons of Morph-X stolen and the rangers didn't know of this until Commander Shaw informed the rangers of the news. Then, Scrozzle used Slicertron's data and his new Gigadrone Type Gamma to create Slicerdrone. Later on, Slicertron is destroyed by Ravi and Zoey Beast-X Blasters and Slicerdrone was shut down by the Racer Zord Battle Mode and the Gigadrone was transported to a secret hanger. Taking Care of Business


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Powers and Abilities

  • Saw Arm: Slicertron has a saw arm which can be used to cut solid objects such as a Morph-X Tower or to attack his enemies.
  • Back Saws: He has saws on his back if his enemies are holding onto there.
  • Strength: Slicertron is very strong, overpowering the rangers on a few occasions.
  • Armor: He has thick metal skin to withstand many attacks.


  • Throwing Saws: He has circular saws which he can throw at full speed at its enemies.

Behind the Scenes



  • Slicertron is the first Robotron to appear in the Cyber Dimension.
  • Slicertron is one of the Robotrons to appear with a Gigadrone at the same time.

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