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For the main villain of Power Rangers Dino Charge, see Sledge (Dino Charge).

Sledge is a blue and brown rhinoceros beetle monster who was among the monsters that assisted Scorpius in the attack on the Magna Defender's home planet 3,000 years ago. When Chameliac read through Trakeena's archives, Sledge was seen battling with the Galaxy Rangers. When this occurred, was never mentioned. Sledge appeared again in "Protect the Quasar Saber" as one of the monsters at the Onyx auction for the Pink Quasar Saber. Sledge is rhinoceros beetle-themed.


  • In the original draft script for Homesick, Sledge was originally supposed to assist Gasser in taking over Terra Venture for Furio. However, the concept was later dropped from the episode entirely.[1]
  • Sledge's name came from the FoxKids website. In Gingaman, he provided Gasser's counterpart with a sledgehammer that was to be used to destroy the petrified Galactabeasts. He was also the brother of Gasser's counterpart.
  • It's name was also used for Power Rangers Dino Charge main villain Sledge (Dino Charge).

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