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Sky OtomoNin Lion Ha-Ojo (天空のオトモ忍ライオンハオージョウ Tenkū no Otomo Nin Raionhaōjō, lit. Sky Companion Ninja Lion Castle) is a mecha in Shuriken Sentai Ninninger modelled after an armored castle. This colossal mecha is piloted by AkaNinger after he receives his powered-up form, AkaNinger Chozetsu. Lion-Ha-Ojo's soul is manifested in the form of a human, known as "Shishi-Oh".


Lion Ha-Ojo's soul can take on a human form called "Shishi-Oh" while leaving his true body petrified into a statue on top of a mountain. But once Akaninger was able to use the Chozetsu Shoubu Changer, Shishi-Oh, as the soul of the Sky OtomoNin, resides within the bracelet for AkaNinger Chozetsu to be able to summon this colossal ally by using the Sky OtomoNin Shuriken: Lion in the same way he summons his other OtomoNins, which activates the Lion Ha-Ojo by transferring Shishi-Oh from the Chozetsu Shoubu Changer into the OtomoNin's body.

In this form, it displays numerous powerful abilities.  Among them are flying, releasing a freezing mist that immobilizes giant Yokai and turning the sky dark, and having multiple cannons and turrets on its body that are used as weapons. The armored tank-based design also grants this colossal mecha tremendous firepower as well as defensive capabilities that even a Giant Advanced Youkai, who previously overpowered King Shurikenjin, was unable to damage him. In this mode, AkaNinger Chozetsu rides on top of the back of this beast to fight alongside the Mecha's soul, Shishi-Oh, that resides within it.

Appearances: Ninninger Episodes 18-31, 36, 38, 40-42, Ninninger vs. ToQger, Ninninger 44, Ninnin Girls vs. Boys FINAL WARS


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Crystal Clear User.png This character is also known as the mecha, Sky OtomoNin Lion Ha-Ojo

Shishi-Oh (獅子王 Shishiō, lit. "Lion King") is the human form of Sky OtomoNin Lion Ha-Ojo.

Lion Henge Lion Ha-Oh

"This is my true form, Lion Ha-Oh!"
―Shishi-Oh when reverting to his true form[src]

"'Lion Ha-O~h! Lion Ha-O~h!' Lion Ha-Oh! (Trumpet fanfare)"
―Combination announcement[src]

"Lion Henge! (ライオン変化 Raion Henge, lit. "Lion Change")"
―pre-combination announcement[src]

Lion Henge Lion Ha-Oh (ライオン変化ライオンハオー Raion Henge Raion Haō, lit. "Lion Change Lion Supreme King") is the humanoid form of Lion Ha-Ojo. To transform into this mode, AkaNinger Chozetsu spins the Sky OtomoNin Shuriken: Lion while piloting it and announces "Lion Henge!". The Lion Ha-Ojo starts to stand upright upon summoning thunderstorms to protect it during the transformation, with its front legs rotating downwards to become the arms and the rear portion splits up to become the legs. The Giant Sky OtomoNin Shuriken- Lion is then removed from the body and replaced with the Lion Ha-Ojo's own head, with the Giant Sky OtomoNin Shuriken: Lion placed on the void left as the new head (essentially the Giant Sky OtomoNin Shuriken: Lion and the Lion Ha-Ojo's head switching places) to complete the transformation. AkaNinger Chozetsu is transferred into the Lion Ha-Ojo's mouth as the external cockpit in which he can control the colossal robot. Piloting a Mecha of this size requires perfect cooperation between AkaNinger Chozetsu and the soul of Shishi-Oh residing within it to maximize its potential, something even which Yoshitaka Igasaki was unable to do years ago as the Last Ninja.

Lion Ha-Oh is armed with a pair of Giant Shurikens (大シュリケン Dai Shuriken), originally the Lion Ha-Ojo's tail, to slice Giant Advanced Youkai with. Like Lion Ha-Ojo, Lion Ha-Ob comes with incredible offensive and defensive power that even Giant Advanced Youkai are unable to damage him. Lion Ha-Oh can rotate its upper torso to capture beams fired into its "throne" back then refract them back at the Giant Youkai. The two Giant Shurikens can even combine into a larger one and perform the Giant Shuriken Crush (大シュリケンクラッシュ Dai Shuriken Kurasshu), where they enlarge and race like a wheel towards the target.

Lion Ha-Oh's finisher is Lion Transcendental Slash (ライオン超絶斬り Raion Chozetsu Giri), where Lion Ha-Oh transforms back into its Lion form and AkaNinger Chozetsu rides on it, harnessing the OtomoNin's energy to the Ninja Ichibanshouboutou, and delivers a powerful horizontal slash as Lion Ha-Ojo charges at full speed towards the enemy, before rapidly transforming back to Lion Ha-Oh to complete the finisher.

Appearances: Ninninger Episodes 20-25, 28, 30-31, 41-42, Ninnin Girls vs. Boys FINAL WARS

Additional Formations

Ha-Oh Shuriken Gattai Ha-Oh Shurikenjin

"Ha-Oh! Ha-Oh! Rin, Wasshoi Wasshoi! Ha-Oh! Ha-Oh! Rin, Wasshoi Wasshoi! Ha-O~h Shurikenjin! (Apic trumpet fanfare)"
―Combination announcement[src]

"Ha-Oh Shuriken Combination! (覇王シュリケン合体 Haō Shuriken Gattai, lit. "Lord Shuriken Combination")"
―combination command[src]

Ha-Oh Shurikenjin (覇王シュリケンジン Haō Shurikenjin, lit. "Supreme King Throwing Star God") is the combined form of Shuriken Gattai Shurikenjin, Bison Change BisonKing, and Lion Change Lion Ha-Oh. AkaNinger Chouzetsu (in the Lion Ha-Oh) activates this combination using the Super Combination Nin Shuriken. Lion Ha-Oh's torso spins 180-degrees to reveal the giant "throne" on its back and becomes a carrier robot. BisonKing disassembles with his legs reattached onto Lion Ha-Oh's forearms as twin bazookas, while the rest of BisonKing attaches to Lion Ha-Oh's front. Then Shurikenjin sits in the cockpit of Lion Ha-Oh's back to serve as the pilot, similar to Shinobimaru. Finally, the Sky OtomoNin Shruiken: Lion reattaches itself on the top of the "visor"-like head of the throne, with StarNinger and AkaNinger Chozetsu re-joining the team in the cockpit similar to the way King Shurikenjin is formed. The weapons of both Shurikenjin and BisonKing are tucked nicely in the waist of Lion Ha-Oh to complete the combination.

In this colossal combination, Shurikenjin gains massive armor to the extent of near invulnerability to Giant Yokai attacks. It's primary weapons are the handheld cannons formed from BisonKing's legs which function like gattling guns. Ha-Oh Shurikenjin can also perform a triple-ejection (of Shurikenjin -> Shinobimaru -> AkaNinger Chozetsu) to slash directly at a Giant Yokai's armaments to disable its attacks, however, this move was only used in the formation's debut.

Its finisher is the Ha-Oh Splendid Buster (覇王アッパレバスター Haō Appare Basutaa, lit. "Supreme King Splendid Buster") (temporarily dubbed the Ha-Oh Mangetsu Buster (覇王萬月バスター Haō Mangetsu Basutaa, lit. "Supreme King Full Moon Buster") when Ha-Oh Shurikenjin was comandeered by Mangetsu Kibaoni) Shinobi 41: The Five Games of the Kibaoni Party!. To perform the attack, the Ninninger in Chozetsu mode goes to the top of Ha-oh Shurikenjin as the Nintalities of all Ninningers are charged up to empower Ha-oh Shurikinjin to fire multiple energy beams from various points across its body backed up by the twin cannons to obliterate the opponent.

Appearances: Ninninger Episodes 22-24, 27, 29, 31, Ninninger vs. ToQger, Ninninger 40-42, 44

Ha-Oh Gekiatsu Gattai Ha-Oh Gekiatsu Dai-Oh

"Ge-ki-a-tsu! Ha-Oh! Atsui de Wasshoi! Ge-ki-a-tsu! Ha-Oh! Atsui de Wasshoi! Ha-O~h! Gekiatsu Dai-Oh! (Orchestra fanfare)"
―Combination announcement[src]

Ha-Oh Gekiatsu Dai-Oh (覇王ゲキアツダイオー Haō Gekiatsudaiō, lit. "Supreme King Intense Heat Great King") is the combined form of Gekiatsu Shuriken Gattai Gekiatsu Dai-Oh, Bison Change BisonKing, and Lion Change Lion Ha-Oh. During the combination, Lion Ha-Oh and Bison King take the same positions they did in the Ha-Oh Shurikenjin formation, while Gekiatsu Dai-Oh, much like Shurikenjin, mounts the cockpit in Lion Ha-Oh's back, the Nin Shuriken of Gekiatsu Dai-Oh attaches to Gekiatsu Dai-Oh's chest, while Genbumaru's head splits apart to reveal a face which becomes the new head for Gekiatsu Dai-Oh and OtomoNin Houhoumaru attaches itself to the Sky OtomoNin Shuriken: Lion to serve as the formation's crown.

Ha-Oh Gekiatsu Dai-Oh has various abilities that Ha-Oh Shurikenjin lacks. Ha-Oh Gekiatsu Dai-Oh is faster and more agile than Ha-Oh Shurikenjin, comparable to a race car instead of a tank. Instead of Gatling guns, Ha-Oh Gekiatsu Dai-Oh uses its cannons like flamethrowers to shoot streams of blue fire or as melee weapons to pummel an opponent with a barrage of piston-like strikes or even launch them as projectiles for its Ha-Oh Gekiatsu Bomber (覇王ゲキアツボンバー Haō Gekiatsu Bonbā) attack.

Ha-Oh Gekiatsu Dai-Oh's finisher is the Ha-Oh Gekiatsu Closing Shot (覇王ゲキアツ大一番 Haō Gekiatsu Ōichiban) where spectral manifestations of the six Gekiatsu OtomoNin are fired from the Nin Shuriken on its chest to penetrate and destroy the enemy.

Appearances: Ninninger Episodes 36, 38, 42

Ha-Oh ToQ Dai-Oh

"Ninnin ToQ Gattai!"
―pre-combination announcement by the ToQgers and Ninningers[src]

Ha-Oh ToQ Dai-Oh (覇王トッキュウダイオー Haō Tokkyū Daiō) is the combined form of ToQ-Oh, Lion Ha-Oh, and Build Ressha. In this formation, ToQ-Oh is in the cockpit chair of Lion Ha-Oh and the Build Ressha sits on top of the Mecha's arms.

Ha-Oh ToQ Dai-Oh was originally named Ha-Oh ToQ-Oh (覇王トッキュウオー Haō Tokkyūō) until ToQ 6gou corrected it, much like with Cho Cho ToQ DaiOh.

Ha-Oh ToQ Dai-Oh's finisher is the OtomoNin Connection Splendid Crash (オトモ忍レンケツアッパレクラッシュ Otomonin Renketsu Appare Kurasshu) where it shoots an energy manifestation of the Ressha that form it and the Ninningers and ToQgers stand on an OtomoNin standing on a Ressha:

and slash the opponent while the Resshas charge at them.

An early version of Ha-Oh ToQ Dai-Oh is Cho Cho ToQ Dai-Oh in the cockpit chair of Lion-Ha-Oh with Bison King's legs re-attached onto Lion Ha-Oh's forearms as twin bazookas. This version was seen in the scans but it was cut out.

This form is exclusive to Shuriken Sentai Ninninger vs. ToQger The Movie: Ninjas in Wonderland

An early version of Ha-Oh ToQ Dai-Oh.


Nin Shuriken

Chozetsu Shuriken
(on Chozetsu Shoubu Changer)

Chozetsu Shuriken (超絶シュリケン Chōzetsu Shuriken) - Allows a Ninninger to power-up to their Chozetsu Mode by spinning this Shuriken latched onto the Chozetsu Shoubu Changer. The Shuriken itself carries a lion motif, with the kanji for "super" ( Chō) located inside the mouth itself.

OtomoNin Shuriken: Lion

Sky OtomoNin Shuriken: Lion (天空オトモ忍シュリケン・獅子 Tenkū Otomo Nin Shuriken - Shishi) - Allows AkaNinger Chozetsu to call upon the Sky OtomoNin Lion Ha-Ojo to descend from the mountains where it is hidden. This Shuriken appears straight from the Chozetsu Shoubu Changer for AkaNinger Chozetsu to summon the Sky OtomoNin the same way as summoning a regular OtomoNin of their own. This Shuriken is marked with the kanji for "lion" ( Shi).

Super Combination Shuriken

Super Combination Nin Shuriken (超合体忍シュリケン Chō Gattai Nin Shuriken) - This special Nin Shuriken is the first Nin Shuriken to be created by Tetsunosuke Saika XXII, and the second of his creations that supports the Lion Ha-Ojo. It is basically a powered-up variant of the Combination Nin Shuriken (with its blade edges recolored Crimson Red instead of Gold) which allows for the combination of Lion Ha-Oh with the core Ninningers' Shurikenjin (later Gekiatsu Dai-Oh) and StarNinger's BisonKing into the colossal Ha-Oh Shurikenjin or Ha-Oh Gekiatsu Dai-Oh.


Shishi-Oh is portrayed by Yukio Yamagata (山形 ユキオ Yamagata Yukio).

Behind the Scenes

When Shishi-Oh leaps down from a tree to pounce on Takaharu, he shouts "GAO!". Aside from being a clue to his character's identity, Yukio Yamagata would shout this as the first song lyric of Gaoranger Hoero!!, the opening theme for Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger, another series that had a red lion Mech.


  • This is the first OtomoNin owned by the Ninningers whose name doesn't end with "-maru". The reason why is because both the "Lionmaru" and "Shishimaru" names are under copyright by P-Production's Lion-Maru tokusatsu franchise.
  • Lion Ha-Ojo is the first Super Sentai mecha to have its pilot and cockpit outside of its body, mainly in its mouth.
  • Like with all mecha in Ninninger, Lion Ha-Ojo shares some similarities to past mecha:
  • Lion Ha-Ojo's design seems to be similar to that of a Chinese lion statue.
  • Ha-Oh Gekiatsu Dai-Oh's combination jingle seems to be based off of Dies Irae.


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