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Power Rangers RPM - Gold and Silver Rangers Morph 1

"RPM, Get in Gear!"
―Morph call[src]

"Anybody know what time it is? It's Morphin' Time!"
―Brody and the Legendary Rangers[src]

The Sky Morpher, labeled GWGX, is the morpher of Ranger Operators Gold and Silver. The flight stick morpher of Ranger Gold and Ranger Silver which also utilized Engine Cells. It is used to pilot their Zord Attack Vehicles. It combines with the Cloud Hatchet to form the SkyShift Blazer

Before they were seen being utilized by Gem and Gemma, they were once believed lost with the destruction of Alphabet Soup.

The toy names it.

The morpher was named 'Sky Morpher' in a role-play toy assortment. In any other media, including the show, it was never named.

Alternative to the Sky Morphers, the Super Mega Rangers used Legendary Ranger Keys provided by Gosei to assume the corresponding Ranger forms as a Legendary Ranger Mode.

The Sky Morphers are found by Evox in Beast Morphers Season 2

The Sky Morphers are later seen when Evox enters Grid Battleforce's vault and retrieves them along with the other RPM Morphers. Source Code

Morphing Sequence

Like the other RPM Rangers, Gem and Gemma call out "RPM, Get in Gear!" to morph. Their morphing sequence has them skydive into panels which form the suit as their seat belts form on them as well and upon landing, have their helmets applied.


  • Their Morphers somewhat resemble an aircraft control stick.

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