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Sky Camp is a base run and controlled by Skyforce in Choujin Sentai Jetman.


After the destruction of Earth Ship by the Vyram, the two survivors, Commander Aya Odagiri and Ryu Tendo, are forced to retreat to this Earth-based headquarters in order to continue their mission against the interdimensional invaders.Ep. 1: Seek the Warriors As the Jetman begin to emerge, this becomes their main base where they conduct their missions and where all of their Jet Machines are stored for combat. After the warriors from Back Dimension world Dimensia arrive to assist, Bird Garuda becomes perched upon the top of the base to fly out into combat when needed.Ep. 23: A New Squadron Debuts

During the incident regarding the Vyram Bio-Dimension Beast Meteor BEM, Sky Camp becomes the base of Supreme Commander Akira Ichijou and his Skyforce squadron, the Neo-Jetman. However during their battles with the Vyram, Meteor BEM sneaks into the base with the assistance of Emperor Tranza and begins destroying it; while Ichijou wants to abandon Sky Camp to the Vyram, Odagiri decides to stay behind and protect it, ultimately proving her as the more competent leader even to the Neo-Jetman forces and leading to the original Jetman to regain their powers and their base.Ep. 40: Command! Change the SentaiEp. 41: Transformation Impossible! The Base Destroyed


  • According to a Super Sentai art book (as uploaded here), instead of Sky Camp, the Jetmen's base would've been a heavily armed fortress with a robot mode, much like Turboranger and Fiveman; the artwork shows it to have been a retool of the Turbo Builder. For unknown reasons, they did not go through with these plans.
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