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Skunk Mozoo (スカンクモズー Sukanku Mozū, 46) is the skunk-theme Super Synthetic Beast of the Dark Science Empire Deathdark

Character History

Four excuvators turn puppets, wrong place wrong time. Goggle Red gets "skunk"ed as well while searching for the 4 excuvators (friends). Gets of the other world by beating Skunk Mozoo out of it. The next battle Skunk Mozoo send them in another world. Until they use Goggle Spark to get them out. Goggle V defeats Skunk Mozoo with Golden Spear. Revived by Skunk Kong. Skunk Mozoo, in Skunk Kong attacks Goggle V with a sword. Then Goggle V counters with Victory Punch, and Goggle Flash. Another attack from Skuck Mozoo is Skunk Bombs. Another counter from Goggle V is Goggle Thunder and finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut.


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He could emit a red gas from his rectum that could cause hallucinations, he was equipped with acid grenades, and had three guns in his torso.

Behind the Scenes


Concept art


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  • Skunk Mozoo is the final Neo-metal Mozoo monster to fight Goggle V before they were replaced with the three Hightron Mozoo monsters


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