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""It will be done"."
―Skullington's first lines after being told of the plan by Koragg.[src]

""You came to the right place. Fire!""
―Skullington's final words before facing off the Green Ranger with the Mystic Force Fighters and then opening fire on him. These were the final words that he spoke before he died.[src]

Skullington is a three-faced skeleton warrior and is one of the many monsters of the Underworld. He serves as the primary antagonist of the episode "Petrified Xander".


After the Rangers had found and retrieved the Fire Heart chest, Necrolai was desperate for help. She begged Koragg to help her. To do so, Koragg sent Skullington to find and steal the Fire Heart Chest. When Skullington arrived in the city, Nick, Madison and Chip stopped him, Skullington then summons an army of Hidiacs to aid him in battle. They morphed and they took on the Hidiacs, but there were to many of them, with Nick, Chip and Madison, the Rangers distracted, Skullington had the chance to steal the chest. When Vida and Xander showed up, the Green Ranger went to stop Skullington. Xander was able to defeat Skullington once with his Magi Staff Earth Attack by binding him up with vines, lifting him up, and dropping him hard on the ground which made his body explode. However, this undead monster was able to regenerate himself back to normal. With the battle heating up, Xander used the new Spell Code he had obtained, and summoned his Mystic Force Fighters. With the fighters, Xander transported Skullington to another dimension and gained the upper hand in the battle and was able to destroy Skullington completely, the finishing strike involving him jumping into the air and then punching the ground to make a large crevice full of fire erupt in the ground that made Skullington fly into the air and explode.


Skullington is a brutal, hard, cunning and ruthless monster. He is shown to be very confident and arrogant and loves to mock at his enemies with his strength. He is also quite cunning, unpredictable and bit paranoid and wants to steal Fire Heart at any cost. He was shown to be little cowardly and feared to loose to Xander. But he is also loyal to Koragg.

Powers and Abilities


  • Regeneration: If destroyed by a normal attack, Skullington will open up his head revealing a small red skull that can repair him in a matter of seconds.
  • Hidiac Summoning: Skullington can summon an army of Hidiacs to aid him in battle.
  • Bone Attack: From the spider-like bone legs on his shoulders, he can rotate them and fire them in rapid succession at the enemy while turning them into purple energy lasers. These blasted down Xander with only a handful of hits but when used against him whilst wielding the Mystic Force Fighters,


  • Strength: Skullington is an amazingly strong monster, being able to flip Xander straight over his head when the two had their initial fight.
  • Skilled Fighter: Skullington was able to overwhelm Xander in combat and even held his own against him when he equipped the Mystic Force Fighters.


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  • Bone Staff: Skulling is armed with a large staff made of bones for combat.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Skullington is very similar to Bones, the very first Monster-Of-The-Week in the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
    • Both monsters are skeleton-themes.
    • Both monsters have a hand-held weapon.
    • Both monsters have the ability to reform.
  • Skullington is the first monster to be fought by the Mystic Force Fighters.
  • The crevice attack that Xander uses to kill Skullington is very similar to the Brachio Staff's Land/Fire Strike from two years previously
  • Unlike his Japanese counterpart, he was not enlarged into a giant and defeated by the Titan Megazord.
    • This is because the Mystic Spell Seal originally failed so they used the Magical Show to kill him. It had to be cut due to the fact that it literally melts the skin off of his head and reveals his blood red skull underneath.
      • Even if they cut out the shot of the skinless head, it would still show the monster clearly on fire and burning to death.


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