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Skull Mask

Skull Mask.


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Skull Mask (ドクロ仮面 Dokuro Kamen) is the fourteenth Independent Black Cross Masked Monsters.

Character History

Skull Mask's scheme involved the abduction of several Japanese scientists, but in a way different from other Black Cross warriors up to that point. His main method involved delivering a special record to the houses of these scientists which they are asked to play. When they play the record, they are hypnotized by his words to prepare themselves to go to a party, which they generally dress up for and head out in a specially prepared vehicle while the record itself dissolves. Attending the "party" at a mansion set up by Skull Mask, they participate in the events with others (usually Zolders or the Masked Monster himself in disguise) until they become captured and brought down to a dungeon beneath the mansion, where Skull Mask disguises himself as one of these scientists in order to gain their research for Black Cross usage.

After discovering the bizarre abduction of scientists, the Gorengers decide to take advantage of the scheme: finding a house where the strange record has been delivered, Daita disguises himself as one of the scientists who Skull Mask targeted and is taken away to his mansion and his "party". Although the Kirenger is eventually discovered at the bizarre event, he is able to use a signal to notify the Gorengers where he was so they could track him down even after Skull Mask transformed into one of the scientists. In combat, Skull Mask tries to use his coffin, but it is destroyed by an exploding arrow fired by Aorenger. When the team tries to finish him off, however, with Gorenger Storm, Skull Mask hits it right back with his staff, only for Akarenger to hit it again with a flying kick, hitting the back of his head and destroying him. Ep. 14: The Red Coffin! The Mysterious Skull Mansion


  • Skull Mask is known as a very quirky, entertaining Masked Monster; his personality is strange and cordial and even pleases the Black Cross Führer with who he is.

Modus and Arsenal

Skull Mask's main combat abilities include a staff with a rib cage on its end, explosive necklace beads, and a coffin he uses both for transportation via teleportation and burrowing and for increasing his own power. He can also transform into a skull, record hypnosis on records, and disguise himself as a human.



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Behind the Scenes

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