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The Skull Cavern in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.

The Throne Room

The Skull Cavern was the base of the Demons and was located underneath Mariner Bay.


Thousands of years ago, the Skull Cavern was the home of the Demons which they used as their base to terrorize the world. Eventually however, it was abandoned after several sorcerers sealed away the Demons and it sunk underground over the centuries under where the city of Mariner Bay would be built.

In the year 2000, some explorers accidentally released Vypra, Diabolico, Loki, and Impus from the tomb and they coalesced in the Skull Cavern. Realizing that Mariner Bay now stood where the palace once was, they planned to level the city and bring the palace to the surface for Queen Bansheera's arrival. They sent Ghouligan and a platoon of Batlings to wipe out the citizens but were stopped by the new Lightspeed Power Rangers. Operation Lightspeed

After many battles with the Power Rangers, Queen Bansheera returned in spirit form and took up residence in the Skull Cavern, her first act being to revive Magmavore and later Trifire in enhanced forms to cause a volcano to erupt and destroy the city only for them to be stopped by the Supertrain Megazord. Rising From Ashes

Diabolico was eventually slain by the new Lightspeed Solarzord and Impus was grown into Olmypius by the Star Power. The Cobra Strikes

Eventually, Queen Bansheera decided to fully return and had hire Spellbinder to perform the ceremony. She was revived into a pillar like form and tried to destroy Mariner Bay with a tsunami but Ryan's interruption of the ceremony left her trapped in her pillar form. The Queen's Return

After Olympius tried to destroy them with the Vilevine monster, Loki and Vypra revived Diabolico who confronted Olympius whilst he and Freezard were attacking the Rangers. Before they could fight, Queen Bansheera summoned them back to the palace and forced them to work together. In the Freeze Zone

The Skull Cavern eventually became the scene of a battle between Bansheera (now in her true form after absorbing Vypra), Diabolico, and Loki. Loki was killed by his own bazooka after Bansheera forced Diabolico to destroy him but Carter was able to attack the Queen with his Battle Booster and destroy the Skull Cavern in a massive explosion. Wrath of the Queen

However, after the Lifeforce Megazord destroyed Diabolico and Olympius in their Super Demon forms, Bansheera recreated the Skull Cavern to be used as her base during her ultimate plan. Rise of the Super Demons

Shortly after, the palace was moved towards the surface as she prepared a spell to revive her army and bring forth the hordes of the Shadow World. Although the Omega Megazord managed to place the final stone for this ceremony before its destruction, an all-out assault from the Lightspeed Rangers managed to defeat Queen Bansheera once and for all with some help from Diabolico's soul, sealing her in the Shadow World. After her defeat, the Power Rangers narrowly managed to escape before the Skull Cavern turned to dust since its existence now relied on its ruler's magic and Bansheera was no longer on Earth. The Fate of Lightspeed

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