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The Skick Tribe (スカイック族 Sukaikku Zoku) is an optimistic Gosei Angel tribe, with power over the aerial elements. It is one of three tribes, along with the Landick and Seaick Tribe, which make up the Tensou Sentai Goseiger, with Alata (Gosei Red) and Eri (Gosei Pink) representing them.

Skick Goseigers

Gosei Red Alata
Gosei Pink Eri





Gosei Red

Alata (アラタ Arata) is a member of the Skick Tribe who has been the childhood friend of Eri. He has an innate ability to see through to the true essence of things. Unlike his Skick Tribe partner Eri, Alata is ten times more sensitive to the wind and he can easily pick up and track evil around the area. He, like Eri, also has a bubbly and positive personality. Whenever in a pinch, he never gives up and fights his way through. Alata truly believes in protecting the Earth and everyone. He is the first to befriend and truly trust Nozomu. However, despite being a strong leader for the group, Alata is usually an airhead and often does things before thinking about them. After transforming into Gosei Red (ゴセイレッド Gosei Reddo), Alata says, "Skick Power of Storm! Gosei Red" (嵐のスカイックパワー!ゴセイレッド Arashi no Sukaikku Pawā! Gosei Reddo). With the Gosei Tensword, Gosei Red becomes Super Gosei Red (スーパーゴセイレッド Sūpā Gosei Reddo), saying "Miraculous Storm! Super Gosei Red" (奇跡の嵐!スーパーゴセイレッド Kiseki no Arashi! Sūpā Gosei Reddo).

Alata is portrayed by Yudai Chiba (千葉 雄大 Chiba Yūdai).





Gosei Pink

Eri (エリ) is a member of the Skick Tribe who is the most maternal of the group and optimistic about life. She excels in assessing situations, and is also a very bold fighter. Eri's personality resembles that of a cheerful and bubbly girl, as she is always thinking positively and never gives up. She also lacks common sense, as shown when collaborating with Moune in episode 9. Because of her capricious and airhead personality, she often clashes with her teammembers, especially Moune. She is often seen eating something, especially sweets. After transforming into Gosei Pink (ゴセイピンク Gosei Pinku), Eri says, "Skick Power of Breeze! Gosei Pink" (息吹のスカイックパワー!ゴセイピンク Ibuki no Sukaikku Pawā! Gosei Pinku). With the Gosei Tensword, Gosei Pink becomes Super Gosei Pink (スーパーゴセイピンク Sūpā Gosei Pinku), saying "Miraculous Breeze! Super Gosei Pink" (奇跡の息吹!スーパーゴセイピンク Kiseki no Ibuki! Sūpā Gosei Pinku).

Eri is portrayed by Rika Satoh (さとう 里香 Satō Rika).

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