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"Ha ha ha ha ha ha! No need to give me an order like that, Lord Zedd. It will be my pleasure. Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh! Heh!"
―The Skelerena's first words upon being created.[src]

"Come Rangers. I need to do something nasty to make my day."
―The Skelerena when rampaging through Angel Grove Park.[src]

"Na heh heh heh heh! The joke’s on you, Rangers! Heh heh!"
―The Skelerena when confronted by the Power Rangers.[src]

"You better believe it!"
―The Skelerena when Adam joined the fight and Tommy called her tough as well as her final words before her destruction.[src]

Skelerena was a skeletal hyena monster who served as the secondary antagonist of the episode "Mirror of Regret".


Skelerena after being created

Skelerena (book).jpg

Adam is acting as a tutor to a young bullied karate student named Shawn who has self-esteem and confidence issues. Lord Zedd decides to sabotage this by ruining his confidence with the Mirror of Regret via Goldar. With Adam's confidence waning, Zedd decides to send a monster to destroy the other Power Rangers. Selecting a hyena picture on the cover of a magazine at the Angel Grove Youth Center (that Shawn has been using to write a drawing reference), Zedd creates Skelerena who he commands to destroy the Power Rangers but the monster already wanted to do so anyway.

The Skelerena immediately begins rampaging through Angel Grove Park to try and lure out the Rangers before terrorizing two schoolgirls, alerting Zordon to her attack and forcing the Rangers to fight her instead of helping Adam. When they arrive, the Skelerena opts out of fighting once a jump slash somehow misses and summons an army of Putties to wipe out the Rangers. From this point on, the monster doesn't attack even once and prefers to stand on the sidelines and laugh out loud alot.

With no interference from the monster, the Rangers take a beating but swiftly destroy the Putties although they still need Adam to finish off Skelerena. Fortunately, Adam sends Goldar packing soon after and then morphs to join the other Rangers. Tommy meets up with Adam and comments that Skelerena is tough which she appreciates and jumps at them but then falls flat on the ground from her own bottomless stupidity.

The Rangers then receive their new Power Cannon and power it up with their Power Spheres before they then fire it. They are barely able to keep a grip on it though as the blast completely obliterates Skelerena into red energy particles. Since the monster was absolutely useless and the scheme a massive failure, Zedd decides not to make Skelerena grow.


Skelerena was a confident monster who enjoyed laughing hysterically and mocking her enemies. However, she was also either remarkably lazy or remarkably stupid since she did all this whilst doing literally nothing to contribute to the fight. However despit this she was also shown to cleverly be crazy as well like the Joker from Batman.

Powers and Abilities


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  • High Leaps: Skelerena could leap incredible distances in single bounds.
  • Z Putty Summoning: Skelerena was able to summon Lord Zedd's special brand of Putties in order to fight instead of her.


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  • Claws: Skelerena lacked any real weapons but had massive hands with razor sharp claws to hack and slash her enemies with. She never actually made contact with them however.

Behind the Scenes


  • Skelerena was voiced by Tom Fahn in his first Power Rangers role after which he went on to voice a few more monsters such as the Demon Racers and the Wicked Wisher.
    • Outside of Power Rangers, Fahn is best known in the wider world as the voice of Agumon from Digimon.


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  • Skelerena's name comes from Skeleton and Hyena.


  • Although the image at the top of the page shows Skelerena with a bone staff, she was not seen with one at any point in the episode and it is simply a result of using a production shot from Dairanger.
  • Along with Scumlaw from 22 years later, Skelerena is the least powerful monster in the franchise. All she does it teleport then cackle manically off-screen before her destruction.
    • In fact, she might actually be weaker and less dangerous than Scumlaw since that monster was at least cunning and an excellent lawyer.


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