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Skelerena was a skeletal hyena monster created by Lord Zedd from the hyena picture on the cover of a magazine of Angel Grove Youth Center that Shawn had been using to write a paper. He possessed hysterical nature, laughing and mocking his enemies. He serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Mirror of Regret".


Skelerena was created by Zedd from the hyena picture on the cover of a magazine of Angel Grove Youth Center that Shawn had been using to write a paper. Zedd then sent Skelerena to attack Angel Grove. Skelerena attacked city. Power Rangers went on battle without Adam, because he was recovering from spells of Mirror of Regret, which stole his confidence. Skelerena was winning the fight. Skelerena could leap very high and land on rangers, plus his speed and ability to fire lasers from his eyes. However then Adam regained his confidence and arrived to aid his friends. Despite Tommy's comment that Skelerena was tough, monster didn't attack at once. The heroes received new weapon Power Cannon and used it to end Skelerena. Mirror of Regret

In Other Media

Skelerena appears as the third boss of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie video game for the SNES. Skelerena could breath fire from his mouth and use his claws to attack. He also had an attack where he'd jump into the sky before crashing back down upon the Rangers. He was also very agile on top of his ski board.


Skelerena was confident and arrogant monster who enjoyed battle the rangers. He also enjoyed laughing hysterically and mocking his enemies. Tommy even commented that Skelerena was tough.

Powers And Abilities

  • High Leaps: Skelerena can leap at high distances.
  • Laser Beams: He also can fire laser beams from his eyes.
  • Teleportation: Skelerena also demonstrated ability to teleportate.


  • Staff-Skelereena is often shown holding a large bone staff that he never uses in combat.

Behind The Scenes



  • Along with Scumlaw from 22 years later, Skelereena is the least powerful monster in the franchise. All he does it teleport then cackle manically off-screen before his destruction.
    • In fact, he might actually be weaker and less dangerous than Scumlaw since that monster was at least cunning.
  • Skelereena is infamous for being one of the worst monsters in the show's history.

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