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"Allow me to present my ancient Skelekron Warriors. They have the ability to take the Rangers' own energy and use it against them."

Skelekron is a skeletal knight monster brought in by Scorpius to deal with the Galaxy Rangers and the future Magna Defender. With the help of his Skelekron Warriors (miniature dolls that are able to absorb energy with the help of an ancient shrine and the power of Skelekron's Mirror-Shield), Skelekron goes after the four Galaxy Rangers, which lures Leo and Mike out into the battle. When the brothers were confronted by Stingwingers, Kai and the others attempted to reach them, but were cut off by Skelekron. He trapped the Rangers in his mirror shield and prepared to do the same with Leo when Mike intervened, allowing both of them to escape.

When Skelekron discovered one of Mike's dogtags on a Stingwinger, he summoned Skeletron Warrior Pink and Skelekron Warrior Yellow to deal with Leo and Mike first. Once they were dispatched, Skelekron Warrior Blue and Skelekron Warrior Green were dealt with easily, leaving Skelekron open to attack. Leo fended him and the Stingwingers off with a fire attack from his Quasar Saber, the attack shattered Skelekron's shield and the Rangers were released freed from imprisonment. Leo transformed and the Rangers sought to take care Skelekron using the Lights of Orion and the Galaxy Megazord, however, Skelekron trapped them inside a mirror with the power of his sword.

He was eventually destroyed by Mike (who was chosen to become Magna Defender's successor), who transformed into the Mega Defender and used the Defender Torozord's lightning spin attack against him. The Galaxy Megazord was released upon Skelekron's destruction.


  • Sword: Skelekron carries a sword into battle. When he grows to gigantic size, Skelekron can use the sword to create mirrors to entrap anything.
  • Mirror Shield: Skelekron has a shield with a skull on its front. The shield can open to reveal a magical mirror which can entrap any target inside a smaller mirror. Shattering the shield's mirror will release any and all imprisoned targets.


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