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Skate Mask

Skate Mask.

Skate Mask (スケート仮面 Sukēto Kamen) is the final independent Masked Monsters of Black Cross

Character History

Skate Mask was directly controlling a scheme by his assassin Black Shadow 9, developing a poison gas in a tablet that can be ingested and instantly kills anyone who partakes of it. When Tsuyoshi sees the woman associated with the murder after one kill, he encounters the Masked Monster but is warned that the Gorengers would eventually turn to bone as the effect of the pill. After investigating and discovering Black Shadow 9's scheme, she is killed while Skate Mask faces the Gorengers in showdown. The team ultimately use a hockey-inspired Gorenger Hurricane to become a massive snowball; Skate Mask climbs to the top of it, but then falls down and explodes. Ep. 79: Crimson Pursuit!! The Formless Assassin's True Form


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Modus and Arsenal

Skate Mask can create icy and snowy areas within any non-icy vicinity; he also uses a whip as a weapon and can turn into a giant skate to maneuver through icy terrain.



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Behind the Scenes

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