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"Leave Blue to me"

Skatana is a swordsman who is the fourth monster sent down to Earth by The Armada to fight the Super Mega Rangers.

Character History


Skatana has the typical personality of a warrior and his code of pride 'makes him prefer to fight one-on-one, ironically tends to cheat when is about to lose a battle. He also' deems females as inferior, a thought reminiscent of ancient times when men and women were not regarded as equals. He is not cocky but sometimes underestimates his opponents and has a strong rivalry with Noah. Ultimately, his inability to adjust to his opponent's main adaptations costs him both victory and life.

Modus and Arsenal

He wields a sword in battle

  • Blade of Infinity: By powering up his sword, he can attack his opponents with multiple blades.


  • Height - 199cm (Giant Form - 49.8m)
  • Weight - 149kg (Giant Form - 372.5t)



Behind the Scenes

  • The close captioning spells his name, "Skitana".
  • His motive for battle against one of the rangers is similar to Deker. They both only care about their ultimate duel, regardless of what their boss says.
  • Compared to other commanders/generals, Skatana doesn't explode when defeated in battle and instead just falls to the ground.
  • Although his counterpart did not appear in a tribute episode, he is connected to a mini-tribute to Power Rangers Mystic Force due to his voice actor, Nic Sampson, having previously portrayed Charlie "Chip" Thorn. (Mystic Force Yellow)
  • Skatana is featured in the video game Power Rangers Super Megaforce voiced by Bryce Papenbrook.

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