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"I, Skatana, master swordsman and member of The Armada, am at your service."
―Skatana to Prince Vekar[src]

"Leave Blue to me."

"This is more like it! Now to finish you off and then the whole world!"
―Skatana to the Rangers after being enlarged.[src]

"No! This can't be!"
―Skatana's final words before his destruction[src]

Skatana is a swordsman who is the fourth monster sent down to Earth by The Armada to fight the Super Mega Rangers.


Sent to Earth to cut the Super Mega Rangers down to size, along with destroying buildings, Skatana decides to start with Noah, planning ahead by having Levira upgrade his Infinity Blade attack and tricking Noah so that he could have Bruisers pin him down. After being defeated by Noah using the Blue Ranger Legendary Ranger Keys, a maximized Skatana is destroyed by the Legendary Mystic Force Megazord.


Skatana has the typical personality of a warrior and his code of pride 'makes him prefer to fight one-on-one’. Ironically, he tends to cheat when he is about to lose a battle. He also deems females as inferior, a thought reminiscent of ancient times when men and women were not regarded as equals. He is not cocky but sometimes underestimates his opponents and has a strong rivalry with Noah. Ultimately, his inability to adjust to his opponent's main adaptations costs him both his victory and his life.

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation: Skatana can teleport himself to any location at will by disappearing into a shadow.
  • Blade Projection: When he was enlarged, Skatana could shoot swords from his body.


  • Master Swordsman: Skatana has mastery over executing his sword attacks with extreme precision.
  • Armor: Skatana has thick armor that lets him resist multiple attacks.
    • Infinite Octo Blade: A modification courtesy of Levira where he can fire bladed tendrils from his armor to attack his opponents with.


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  • Sword: Skatana wields a sword in battle.
    • Speed Empowerment: Skatana can charge up his sword with red flashes of speed to strike rapidly.
    • Energy Slashes: Skatana's sword can launch powerful red energy slashes.
    • Blade of Infinity: Skatana's strongest attack where he can power up his sword to create multiple blade manifestations and attack his opponents with them.

Behind the Scenes


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  • The close captioning spells his name, "Skitana".
  • His motive for battle against one of the rangers is similar to Deker. They both only care about their ultimate duel, regardless of what their boss says. However, Skatana has none of Deker's sympathetic traits and is willing to cheat.
  • Compared to other commanders/generals, Skatana doesn't explode when defeated in battle and instead just falls to the ground. He does explode when destroyed in his giant battle.
  • Although his counterpart did not appear in a tribute episode, he is connected to a mini-tribute to Power Rangers Mystic Force due to his voice actor, Nic Sampson, having previously portrayed Charlie "Chip" Thorn. (Mystic Force Yellow)
  • Skatana is featured in the video game Power Rangers Super Megaforce voiced by Bryce Papenbrook.


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