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"See? Now an even bigger storm is brewing!"
―Sirjinkor after being enlarged by the Maximizers.[src]
"Look up in the sky!"
―Sirjinkor’s final words before his Death[src]

Sirjinkor is a starfish-themed monster that works for The Armada.

Character History

He was sent by Damaras to put a stone in a big rock that Vrak had been working on but never finished. When he did this, he became more powerful than ever. He then shot a meteor onto the earth. He was maximized by Prince Vekar, but he was defeated by the samurai fire smasher and the rock was destroyed by Orion.


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  • Powermid Powers: After he put the Powermid to work he has gained powers such as durability, strength and lasers.
  • Meteor: He used a meteor to destroy the city.

Behind the Scenes



  • Sirjinkor is the only Field Commander who is not defeated at normal size.

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