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"The Power. Such incredible power!"
―Sirjinkor obtaining the Powermid's energy[src]

"See? Now an even bigger storm is brewing!"
―Sirjinkor after being enlarged by the Maximizer.[src]

"Foolish Rangers, you've just sealed your destruction! Look up in the sky!"
―Sirjinkor’s final words before his death.[src]

Sirjinkor is a starfish-themed monster that works for The Armada.


He was sent by Damaras to put a stone in a big rock that Vrak had been working on but never finished. When he did this, he became more powerful than ever. He then shot a meteor onto the earth. He was maximized by Prince Vekar, but he was defeated by the Samurai Fire Smasher and the rock was destroyed by Orion.Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Perfect Storm


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Powers and Abilities


  • Mouth Laser: Sirjinkor can release a large blue energy laser from his mouth.
    • Mega Mouth Laser: After charging up with the Powermid, Sirjinkor can release energy lasers from his mouth like before, but they are now stronger and colored purple.
  • Powermid Enhancement: After he put the Powermid to work, he enhanced himself with its energy, gaining a variety of powers such as:
    • Super Durability: After charging up with the Powermid, Sirjinkor gained the ability to withstand strong attacks.
    • Super Strength: After charging up with the Powermid, Sirjinkor gains tremendous strength to fight his opponents.
    • Asteroid Summoning: After charging up with the Powermid, he can launch a blue and purple energy ball up into space to bring down an asteroid that can destroy the Earth if it lands.


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  • Power Prism: He was given this to complete the Powermid Vrak never finished working on.

Behind the Scenes



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