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―Summoning Announcement[src]

Sirender (サイレンダー Sairendā): Signalman's personal police cruiser which he summons using the Signal Whistle (シグナルホイッスル Shigunaru Hoissuru).

Sirenders's speed and mobility allow it to easily pursue fleeing criminals and is also able to fire an energy beam from the signal light on its roof called the Signal Flash (シグナルフラッシュ Shigunaru Furasshu).

Its suit actor was Motokuni Nakagawa.

Sirender Battle Mode

"Stand-up! Sirender!"
―Transformation Announcement[src]

With the command, "Stand up! Sirender!", Signalman drives Sirender through an underground tunnel, transforming it into a humanoid robot called Sirender Battle Mode. In this form, Sirender possesses tremendous strength that was able to hurl Minoru (in a box) all the way from Hokkaido to Tokyo with a single fling. It can also fire the Signal Flash from its chest (similar to RV Robo's Plugnado Spark) and deploy numerous weapons from the slots mounted on its forearms:

  • Wappagun (ワッパガン Wappagan) a handcuff that shoots off on a chain to snag giant opponents and then reel them in
  • Siren Daggers (サイレンダガー Sairen Dagā) a pair of arm mounted blades
  • Siren Shield (サイレンシールド Sairen Shīrudo) a riot squad shield used for defense
  • Siren Vulcan (サイレンバルカン Sairen Barukan) a laser gun used by Sirender in its finisher to obliterate giant Bowzock in a hail of firepower.

Evil Sirender


Sirender concept art

  • Sirender is the first police car themed mecha in Super Sentai.
  • Sirender is the first robo to have a form that shows it has turned evil, with its traffic light colors on its chest and helmet turning dark blue and the white streak on the helmet turning black.
  • Sirender is also the first robo to utilize weapons attached to its arms.

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